Afternoon friends. It’s Tuesday (in case you wasn’t sure). I’ve had a lazy morning and now sitting in the dining room sun with my to do list. I plan to get in the garden today but struggling to wake up.

It’s day 21 of isolation, day 3 of furlough. Things changed pretty quickly after our catch up last week and was given the news that after one of our biggest clients had paused their activity, I was being put on furlough, at least until the end of April. Whilst I now feel pretty okay with the prospect of getting my shit together and having a real break, I initially felt a little devastated, largely because I wasn’t sure how I’d get through all of this without the structure of working in the week.

A few days in and it’s safe to say I haven’t yet got my shit together. I’ve been slower than usual, taking my time, sleeping in, going to bed late. My routine is pretty much all over the place but with four weeks still ahead of me, I need to find some balance. That’s not to say that everybody needs this. The more time that goes by, I realise that there just isn’t going to be enough things to do each day and that sleeping in, scrolling through your phone, watching films and napping endlessly may well be inevitable.

Despite the need to keep telling myself that its okay to do nothing, I’ve created a list. And it’s a slow start, but a start all the same. Here are the few things I’m doing to keep myself motivated.

Start with a plan. It might not be a plan you stick to, but it’s good to start your day with a couple of goals. Even if one of those is showering…

Set an alarm. It’s easy to sleep in, particularly if others in your house are also out of their normal routine but setting a target time to get out of bed should help. I may need help with this one. 

Spring cleans. There’s nothing better than giving the house a once over when the suns out, Spotify on. Cleaning and keeping the house tidy, as you know, is one of my favourite things to do and I feel calmer for it. Plus, it gives me something to focus on each day.

Find a binge-worthy series. Thank goodness for good TV. Charlie and I have been watching season 4 of Ozark and have a long list to crack through once that has finished.


Watching the Marvel films in order. Is there a better time to start the ultimate movie marathon than in lock down? The answer is nah.

Cooking. Finding comfort in spending a bit more time cooking dinner, finding new recipes, cooking together. All pretty cute. Involves eating. Win Win.


Reading. Me and a couple of the girls have been in a book club since the new year and I’m trying to spend time each day reading. We’re currently reading Pillars of the Earth which is a painful, 1000 pages long but I’m told it gets better. Will keep you posted!

Pamper time. For the first couple of weeks in isolation, I happily lived in PJs and no face but recently finding the need to actually get dressed and put make up on. I’ve tanned, painted my nails countless times, attempted to cut Charlie’s hair, cleansed, toned and moisturised, curled my hair and it’s all been pretty nice. Just pampering for the sake of it.

Work on me. After being furloughed, I immediately thought about all of the things that I’ve wanted to do but haven’t had the brain space or time whilst working. I’ve since ordered a range of books to get back into creative writing and want to set a couple of hours each day into some learning. Finding a new side hustle isn’t for everyone, but having something to work on will help keep me busy, keep my brain ticking.

Limit the news. Really trying not to get consumed by the news as find it really damages my motivation. It’s important to know what’s going on in the world but consuming too much makes me feel flat. I’ve been looking for escapism content, videos and activities to take my mind off it all. Seems to be working.

Game nights. Staying connected by getting involved in lots of virtual game nights with friends and family. Also great to do as a couple. Usually involves alcohol.


Time apart. I’m definitely keen to get involved in lots of cute couple activities but for the first time ever, Charlie and I are together 24/7 for an extended period of time and so whilst I do crave company, we’re getting on with our days as separately as we can, finding things to do that aren’t completely on top of each other which is helping make the evenings when we come back together feel a little less ‘samey’.

DIY. Trying to use this time to finish some jobs around the house, finding new projects. Not too easy without the shops open but obsessed with DIY on a budget channels and on the hunt for new home improvements that doesn’t need a tonne of new materials or money.


Whilst I’m all up for using this time in ISO to get productive, keep busy and stay sane, I also realise that it’s 12:49 on a Tuesday afternoon. I’ve not long got out of bed, I’m still in my PJs and contemplating whether today might be one of those days that I stay in them. I have all of these ideas and so much time but do kindaaaa just want to spend the next couple of hours eating and staring out the window. I did tell ya that it’s all about balance.

It isn’t easy but we’ll get there.





Author: rheawarren

28. London. Lifestyle Blogger. Addicted to coffee and cakes. Occasionally read a book or two.

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