God, it feels like I haven’t sat down to write in what feels like years. The reality is that it’s been almost three weeks and aside from the fact that the world is in limbo and everything has changed, I haven’t had a spare second to get my head together and when I have had a second, I haven’t really wanted to think about too much.

I’ve been working at home now for 10 days and haven’t left the house for too many of those either (expect for the odd walk down the road or shopping trip). Things are strange, work is hectic and my Monday-Friday feels like constant stress – something I hadn’t expected as I love being home. Charlie is home, unable to work and whilst I do get the occasional envy, I feel grateful that I’ve got something to keep me busy, to keep us going. 

I’m getting better after a bit of an emotional couple of days last week, I realise now that I can’t do fucking everything or expect to sit on 3045993 zoom conference calls a day. I’m prioritising a little better and taking some time out when I need it. This is one of those moments, sat with a cuppa in my dining room, overlooking the streets outside, the sun is out (kinda) and I’m feeling calm.

As things are, lets face it, a little bit shit right now, I thought I should have a think about the things I am grateful for, because to be honest, being forced to stay at home during this pandemic probably does need to be put into some perspective – it could be worse.

  1. I am super grateful that I have a cosy home – it’s almost been a year since we moved in and think myself lucky every single day that we managed to move out and make the space our own.
  2. Grateful to have Charlie – Missing friends and family and counting the days to throw a huge reunion party but thankful to have each other (even when we are doing each others heads in)
  3. Thankful for cups of coffee – 100% getting me through the days without retiring to bed.
  4.  The Kardashian’s – hear me out on this one. I’m thankful for trashy TV to take my mind off of everything and yessss KUWTK is my ‘go to’ to calm me down.
  5. Grateful for friendly neighbours. 
  6. Buzzing that we have internet to stay connected (even if its shitty internet)
  7. Grateful for lounge wear and PJ days.
  8. I’m thankful for payday and that I haven’t been affected by the changes like so many others have.
  9. I’m thankful for Spring weather which is reaaaally trying hard to stick with us. Last week’s teaser to Summer was beyond needed.
  10. Grateful that the chocolate isles haven’t been susceptible to the panic buy as there’s absolutely no chance I could have gotten through the last two weeks without shit food. 
  11. Grateful to family, sending us care packages in times of need.
  12. Grateful that Disney+ chose the perfect time to launch, hellloooo back to back Lizzie McGuire.
  13. Thankful that my carnations are still going strong 2 weeks in – move over Charlie Dimmock.
  14. Grateful to be able to have full cupboards (no stock piling, I promise ya) and dinner on our table every night.
  15. Grateful to have so much time to do housework – never had so many clean clothes in my life.
  16. Thankful that work have been understanding and despite the craziness, have made a huge effort in making sure we’re all okay from home.
  17. Grateful that I don’t have to do the hour commute each day and that I have the space at home to leave work where it is and turn off in the evening (switching off is some days easier than others)
  18. Absolutely thankful to have wine come Friday evenings
  19. I don’t have to worry too much about anything else at home, no kids running around, no homeschooling, no babies – I’m thankful that right now I just need to worry about getting through my own to-do list. 
  20. Grateful to still have some kind of freedom, even in lock down.

There are SO many people affected right now and I’m so saddened that this is even a reality but I’m just trying to make sense of it for me and hope we can all find some kind of peace in all of this.

Take a minute, each day, to think about even just one thing that you’re grateful for. I  promise it makes the world feel a little more okay.

Hope to be back to normal with content soon – watch this space and stay safe.



Author: rheawarren

28. London. Lifestyle Blogger. Addicted to coffee and cakes. Occasionally read a book or two.

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