Hi friends, happy Tuesday.

It’s post-Easter weekend, I’m having a cuppa (shock) and a bit of leftover Malteser egg before I (wait for it) make a completely original banana loaf this afternoon. I had the most beaut weekend in the garden, made sangria’s, ate Paella, played lots of Monopoly, read my book, watched back to back films, got dodgy tan lines on my back and the whole bank holiday, despite the circumstances, was pretty damn lovely. I had an odd end to the weekend yesterday, couldn’t bring myself to get out of bed and when I finally did, was frustrated that I had wasted the day. Monday feeling like it lasted approx. two hours. Inevitable at some point but it’s pushed me in a better direction today to get on with something and have a good, hopefully half productive week.

It’s no surprise that the entire world has gone baking mad during ISO – I get it. I’ve been the exact same. But during the flour shortage which still seems to have hit every single shop in Isleworth, I was forced to get creative. Low and behold, the mini makeshift, super easy trifle was born*

*I’m well aware that this is likely an existing recipe but given it’s simplicity, I thought I’d share. 

It doesn’t look like much, but my God, it’s good.

What you’ll need (to serve 2):

6 dark chocolate digestives

1 tbsp butter

1 banana

Handful of strawberries

Ready to eat vanilla custard (I used a carton from Sainsburys)

How to make: 

First, crush your digestive biscuits into small breadcrumbs. Then, mix in the butter with your fingertips to create a sticky breadcrumb texture. Place the crumbs into the bottom of your jars and set flat to create a base. It doesn’t matter if there are a couple of rogue chunks of biscuit, I actually liked the extra crunch this gave.

Stick your jars in the fridge for 10 minutes to set.


Meanwhile, chop up your banana and strawberries into small-ish pieces.

Once your biscuit base has chilled a little (I didn’t wait all that long), add your fruit, layering your pieces so that the fruit is mixed up.


Pour on your cold custard, keeping the top fairly level. To go the extra trifle mile, you could even top with whipped cream but I didn’t have any of that.

Add a cute strawberry or raspberry to the top of the trifle to serve.


That’s it – ready to devour in minutes. Perfect for a quick sweet treat without the hassle. I can imagine it wouldn’t be your first choice if you don’t like cold custard, but trussssst me, mixed in with the strawberries, banana and chocolate biscuits, the combination is heavenly. The easiest trifle you’ll ever make.

Something a bit different to all those loafs you’ve been seeing (and eating) and does contain fruit…. so basically healthy.

You’re welcome.



PS. excuse the badly manicured nails and terrible recipe pics – was very unplanned and whipped up at around 10pm (good ol’ ISO body clock)

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28. London. Lifestyle Blogger. Addicted to coffee and cakes. Occasionally read a book or two.

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