Woah. It’s been a minute. Excuse the casual absence since JULY… I haven’t purposely neglected you all but life has been a bit mental and it’s only really just hit me that this year is almost over.

I thought a bit about what my first post back might be. I’ve written a few weekly posts on my phone that never made it this far and then got in a rut about posting them too late, I have book club posts to write up and I’ve been busy with work and writing lots of Non-fiction for uni and just wasn’t sure where to start with it all! I’ve started re-branding thehouseonthegreen slowly and I’ll tell you a little more about that in my next post (which I promise will be soon), I’ve brainstormed lots of ideas and had all the best intentions to post but such is life, shit happens.

It would be a little mad for me to go through everything that has happened since July but thought I’d give a quick (but probably not so quick) roundup so that you haven’t completely missed half of my year. Here goes it:

My best friend got married!

In August, my best friend, Gabrielle, married her best friend (who we met at uni) and it was the most gorgeous weekend of the year. Although a little daunting as I was lucky enough to be maid of honour AND had a speech to write and read, it was the best few days spent in Northumberland with Charlie and friends and I left feeling so full of love. We laughed, cried, drank lots, danced, I lost a shoe and I caught the bouquet, so a pretty successful weekend if you ask me.

We finally went to Edinburgh!

Since I met Charlie a whole six years ago, I’ve nagged about going to Edinburgh but it’s never been the right time. After Gabs’ wedding, we took the opportunity of being so up north, to spend a couple of nights in Scotland and despite the endless rain, it was beaut to spend two days exploring, watching the Fringe festival, eating snacks from our hotel bed and eating out (a lot).

I’ve started uni (again)

I’m into my second year of my master’s degree and whilst I’m shitting a brick that I’ve taken too much on, I am so excited to get stuck in. After a complete breakdown during my first assignment, it was worth it this week to get my mark back and by some miracle, have done well. I’ll be going down to 4 days a week at work next year to really focus on myself and it could not be more needed. Wish me luck (I feel like I’m going to need it)

Sad days – losing family

We lost both my auntie and uncle this autumn which has been the biggest shock and so sad. Although it has been sad saying good-bye so close together, it felt nice to be together with family and long-lost cousins and both days were full of love and celebration.

I started swimming

After forever trying to find some form of exercise that I enjoy, I joined a decent gym to start swimming and I love it. Although I’ve been pretty rubbish this past month, I was doing really well and it has been the best de-stressor after busy days at work. Excited for January to really start again.

We popped to Hastings!

Early in November, we drove to Charlie’s sister’s in Hastings for our niece’s birthday and had the most lovely day catching up with family, playing toy shops, and stuffing our faces with party food. It was a late night driving home but worth it for the cosiest day.

I spent a night by the seaside

A couple of weeks ago, the dog and I drove to Clacton early Saturday morning to spend the weekend at my Nan and Grandad’s and to see my Dad. It had been a long time coming and was just what I needed to spend time with family for walks on the beach, read my book, and drink endless baileys coffees.

A weekend with the uni girls

Last weekend, I spent the weekend in Finsbury Park to catch up with the uni girls, and it was so beaut to spend some proper time together, bar crawling around East London. I had the best time, managed to stay hangover free and headed home on Sunday to put up the Christmas tree.


It’s only right that I end by saying that I’ve had the best six months with my little family, I’m so excited for December plans and for next year which I’m hoping will be even better. That said, the last six months have also come with some really sad days, I’ve struggled a lot with my mental health and spent a lot of days worrying but lately, I’m doing good, I’m feeling good and despite it all, feel positive that everything will be okay.

What have you been up to?

love always,

Author: rheawarren

28. London. Lifestyle Blogger. Addicted to coffee and cakes. Occasionally read a book or two.

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