Although I still feel like I’ve only just had my summer holiday, it’s bloody Autumn and actually, it’s been kicking around for a while now. As much as I’m so desperate to keep my summer tan, walk around in my Havaianas and sit outside with an iced coffee, it’s about time I get myself prepped for winter – which of courseeeee, with Christmas planning and birthday celebrations and pumpkins and hot chocolates and mulled wine and sunny days and crisp coldness, Autumn is obviously up there with my favourite time of year.

In true spirit, I’ve been trying to dip into all things Autumn and thought I’d share some of the bits I’ve been loving. Because why bloody not ay.

 Twinning’s Cherry & Cinnamon infusion –

Can’t explain how good getting out of a bubble bath, sitting in your gown and getting this tea down you is. So good when you’re avoiding sweet treats in the evening but need a little pick me up.

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Elegant Touch nails –

In a bid to save a bit of money and revamp my nails for the winter, I’ve tried glue on nails by Elegant Touch and I’ve been so impressed at how easy and long lasting they are. I reshaped mine because I ain’t about the witch nail life but was so simple to sort and make my own. I’ve given numerous shades a go but at the moment rocking the metallic pink.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Baggy, fluffy jumpers –

OMG, they’re back – do I need to explain?! Already eyeing up too many, got my hands on a super chunky one from New Look and it’s heaven for IDGAF days. In fact, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again that New Look for jumpers all round are an absolute babe/

Prison Break –

Wouldn’t be Autumn without a cheeky Netflix/Amazon binge and whilst I’ve been awaiting the return of Stranger Things, I took it back a few years and have been obsessed with Prison Break. I’m so emotionally attached it’s not even funny.

Autumn coat & Chelsea boots –

Bagged myself this coat from ASOS whilst I was sunning it up in Greece and I’ve lived in it ever since. Charlie MAY have likened me to Cruella Deville but does he even fashion…like, really?! Plus, the return of Chelsea boots, make me very happy.


Cinnamon bath’s with Lush –

Lush is my favourite place all year round but Autumn and Christmas are legit extra special for bath time. I’ve been using The Magic of Christmas (yes, don’t judge) which means bath time has been full of cinnamon and citrus bubbles and it’s been bliss. Should also note that Lush during Halloween is on another level.


Today has been the perfect Friday. Sunny Autumn days, pub lunches, cute weekend plans and cups of tea in my cosy jumper with the window open. Can it get better?

What have you been loving?




ps. soz for the crappy pictures, forgot that it’s now dark at 4pm and I was unprepared.

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