It’s Monday again friends and it’s been a while (since we last spoke, not since the last Monday – sadly these happen weekly)

I’ve had a proper strop on today, I’ve felt unwell, tired and sad that 9-5 life is an actual thing I’m probably going to live with for the next 40 years. Yay.

As I’m scrolling through my pics to find a throwback Insta from the last two years of holiday’s I’ve been lucky enough to go on, I realise that aside from the drama I’m basically just being a moany bitch lately. Life can actually be pretty fab and I’m so lucky to be where I am. Of course I’d be fully lying if I said it wouldn’t be better with more money in the bank, unlimited holiday allowance, stable home, no insecurities and somebody to constantly make me cups of tea – but I know I can’t really complain. Not today, anyway.

I’ve had the cutest mini reunion in Liverpool with two of my best friends and it was exactly what I needed after the last week. Liverpool was RAINY (like to the point, London basically looks like Barbados) but I had the best time, coaching up there, catching up, having cocktails at The Alchemist, having a little dance which neveeer happens these days and eating good food (I had lots of egg and avocado which I’m preaaaching saved me a notoriously bad hangover) A good weekend makes Monday slightly better and I’m so glad that I was able to get away from home, have a quick visit up north, get some drinks down me and laugh with my girls.

5 reasons why I’m also preaching that my best friends are better than yours? Here ya go.

  1. We know each other so much that we could literally be talking about bumholes in a taxi and it’d be the norm – Think we’re probably past the point of shame.
  2. They always make me feel better – I could talk for England about everything that’s going on in my life at the minute and I instantly feel better once I’ve had a chat over some prosecco.
  3. Our drunk meals are better than yours – Kebabs were so 2011. Salad, pizza and tapas bites at the table with an actual plate and cutlery at 3am? I don’t even know who we are anymore but I love it.
  4. We don’t like boys – Nothing better than getting into a club with your loved up girlfriends, finding a corner and acting like donuts because who we impressing? Ain’t got timeeee to be serious.
  5. We could see each other every 6 months and they’d still be my best friends. Nothing changes and they are always there. That’s pretty bloody special.


Being back in work today isn’t a laugh and I feel like I’m battling from no sleep from the past two weeks. I need to get home, have a bath and binge watch Prison Break like no tomorrow.

I have so much to start looking forward to so I’m excited to get out of my slump and enjoy the next couple of months. Got to buckle up, save some money and focus on making myself feel good again.

Promise to catch up soon.



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