I’ve been home an entire 8 days and only just now getting the chance to ignore everyone in the office, sit with a cuppa and talk about my holiday to Rhodes in Greece. Packing our bags for a break for 9 whole days with 6 of my beaut girlfriends, we decided to get ourselves a Villa in the village of Lindos – Being half grown up, it made a slight change to the holiday’s we’ve all had in Kavos or Aiya Napa – lol.

I can honestly say that not only did I spend 9 days in the sun, getting fat on pitta bread and Milka chocolate (not always at the same time) but I spent 9 days, completely worry free (minus being chased by wild dogs) and laughing with my best friends.

Because photos speak a thousand words, or something like that… here’s some pics to show you how stunning it all was. And yes, I’m bragging. It was fab. And I’m back in turtle neck jumpers, all sad about the 9-5 life so I’ma brag for as long as I can get away with. Enjoy!








To the town, to the history and to our little home up in the mountain, I’d go back in a heartbeat. Lindos was a perfect home from home, felt completely friendly and due to the time of year, meant that we didn’t feel drowned by tourists. It was the perfect holiday, even if we did spend 80% of our time in our matching dressing gowns, drinking sangria and singing to Disney.

We’re 25, I promise.




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