Oh hey friends, you’ve caught me.

It’s 5pm in the office and I’ve got an hour to burn before I call it a day. This is always the time of day where I’m either rushed off my feet, panicking about getting an email out before 5:30 or where I’m clinginnnnn on to time, trying to stay motivated. In today’s case, I ditch my to-do list and decide to make a cuppa and moan about not being motivated.

In fact, me trying to stay motivated in general is basically a laugh. They say it takes 21 days to make or break a habit and I kid you not, whatever it is, I can never make it to the 21st day.

I won’t beat around the bush, I’m talking specifically about getting fit – because let’s be honest, if I’m not motivated at work, I browse ASOS, hide in the toilets, go missing at lunch or binge write blog posts and call it ‘project research’ – I’m researching motivation for the team promiseeeee.

I’m battling between wanting to be motivated and wanting to see end results and probably not caring enough to do something about it. I’ma put it bluntly. I don’t enjoy the gym. I don’t enjoy paying £18 on it when I could be spending it on a fluffy jumper or food. I don’t reaaally enjoy spending 45 minutes on the cross trainer or bike wondering if the amount I’m sweating is normal or if the amount I’ve burned is enough to get me a six pack.

Aint’ about this life.

It’s not that I don’t enjoy certain exercises – In the comfort of my own home, I love a YouTube workout but actually, do I push myself enough to make a change and will I just get in my room and put on Kardashians or do 15 sit ups and call it 20? Probably.

The only time I really care about all of this is when I’m finding something to wear and having to squeeze into my jeans (leaving the button undone most days lets be real), when I’m looking back at unrealistic pics of when I was 18 and skinny or when I’m in the bath eyeing myself up and actually all of these shouldn’t be reasons to get me down.

I don’t eat constant shit although I am subject to the 4pm biscuit binge or Sunday takeaway and I’m not writing this thinking I’m obese but I know I want to do better. Not just getting down a jean size but I want to feel better, I want to feel motivated or active and less tired and less hungry and I haven’t got a bloody clue where to start and how to stick at it.

In a bid to try sort my life out one way or another, I went to Google to give me a few tips which may or may not help me but I’m hoping if you’re in the same boat, they may help you too.

Track your progress –

When I first started being aware of what I was eating and going to the gym, I logged my food every day and would mark Gym days in the calendar to force me to go. This in theory is the way to do it or perhaps colour in the days you do actually make it to the gym rather than the other way round and it’ll motivate you to go when the days look empty.

Get a buddy –

I have friends but they’re not the sort of friend that’s going to hold me accountable or come find me at home to drag me to exercise. Find someone motivated, come up with a routine and treat yourselves when you reach a goal – that might be exercising every day or both going 2 times a week – whatever will suit both of you to stick with it.

Find something you enjoy –

I’m allllllll about walking around town all day to shop and believe it or not, that little helps but as I don’t have the dollar to spend all day everyday shopping – find an alternative, something you enjoy. I’m not a fan of the gym so it’s no surprise I’m wasting my £18 a month by not going. Maybe join a class, go for walks in the park, aim for 10,000 steps a day, start swimming. We’re bound to find something we love and can do sureeeeely.

Be aware of the urge to quit –

I usually decide if I’m going to the gym in the morning or at 4pm in the evening when the above biscuit binge is in full swing. Be aware of the times you know you’re likely to quit. Come up with a plan so that when the urges hit, you can’t quit. This could genuinely just be getting in your gym clothes for the last hour of the day to avoid any last minute ‘I can’t be arsed, not fussed, I’ll eat this pack of biscuits and feel no shame’ moments.

Stay positive –

It’s so easy to be de-motivated that you’re not looking like Gigi Hadid after 2 gym sessions but every time you reach your goal, write down something positive. Why you enjoyed it, what went well,  how much closer are you to your goal etc etc etc.


I could spill out motivation tips to last me a decade and sozzzz for the essay – you definitely needed a cuppa for this one. But ultimately it’s only ourselves that can decide how we want to spend our lives and if we want to make change enough to change it.

I don’t know if I’m ever going to be the girl that wakes up everyday before work to work out. If I’ll be the girl that opts for the salad every meal instead of chips. I don’t know if I’ll be the girl that falls in love with being active. I work bloody hard and I struggle to break out of the habit of becoming a zombie come 6pm.

I know I want to change something but I’m still working on it. I think I’m going to have to be okay with that. Be patient, you do you and we’ll get there.



ps. image isn’t me or my dog, I’m a fraud. Photo credit by Samantha Gades

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