I went to Venice for a few days during my interailing trip which was now something mad like 4 years ago (AY?!?) and although I’ve since covered a good few Italian cities, making my way from the South to North, Venice has always stayed in my top 3 Italian places to visit.

Okay yes, in August it’s bloody hot alright and in the height of summer, you’ll be welcomed by the stench of dead fish from the canals – oh heeeeey sisters. But dead fish smell aside (don’t worry, it only takes a few hours to get used to it) Venice is one of a kind for simplicity, beauty and very good Bellini’s.

Venice might be one of the biggest tourist destinations in the world and you know it is the moment you reach St Mark’s Square, but there’s something about it that leaves you feeling calm – which is basically how I feel about Italy as a whole. We spent a few afternoons taking a break from the maze, pitching up on the cobbled streets, playing cards and watching the world go by and it didn’t feel like we were out of place doing so. Venice is like no other and I’d give my right arm to return now and do it over again; I spent my last trip camping, on a budget and although I looooved it, I could easy go again as a half functioning adult, stay in a nice hotel and over indulge in Italian food.

Why else should ya go?


Venice is made up of 150 canals, 400 bridges and incredible palaces and piazzas and the sights are stunning. In the midst of the old town, you forget about cars, go back to basics, wander the alleys and take time out to admire the terraced homes, the overhead washing lines and boats passing by. Although overpriced, (because duh) the gondola’s are a must and for sure one of my highlights of the trip.



A babe for its street markets, Venice is no stranger to fresh fruit, veg and homemade trinkets and gifts. There are few good’uns but for sure take note of the market on Rialto Road and the cute market on the boat in front of Campo San Barnaba.



St Mark’s Square is the heart of Venice and is surrounded by culture, home to the Basilica di San Marco (a sight in its own right), the clock tower and is buzzing with life from neighbouring restaurants, walking tours and street art.




Rialto Bridge! One of the many famous bridges in Venice, Rialto bridge takes the crown for the best view (and the best selfies).



Because Italy, duh – Italy, aside from Croatia is one of my favourite places in Europe. I’d put it close second in my top five. Venice having some of my favourite memories. If you’re not all about walking, sitting in coffee shops, eating pizza and ice cream and talking 29058 selfies by the canal, maybe give it a miss.


I imagine it’s fab all year round and actually, Winter might be a winning time to go. Less tourists, cute winter coats and misty streets, cheaper prices and pleasant walks; avoiding the 40 degree highs in Summer. Either way, Venice is worth the visit.

 Can I go back now plz?

ps. take a second to lol at the throwbacks from 2013.



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