Hello friends. Me again. I’ve been pretty M.I.A in the last couple of months; work has been crazy busy and I’ve spent the last month attached to my laptop to work through my first module of my uni course – IT HAS BEEN A LOT. But already in the first two months, I’m learning so much and really enjoying focusing on something that isn’t my 9-5. Something for me.

That does mean that the urge to get on here to spill the beans has been pretty low. That being said, November is almost over and December, which is usually my favourite month of the year is almost upon us. The lead up to Christmas is my favourite time but being at home this year has meant I’ve missed out on festive lights in town and Christmas all over the shops and I don’t know how many festive things we’ll be able to do this year. I have however, dipped into my first couple of festive films/series on Netflix (which I may well do a post on soon). I’ve ordered my Christmas tree, I’m drinking tea from my Christmas mug and I’m really trying to start feeling a little festive.

We’re getting there.

The last week has had its ups and downs. Lockdown feels different this time around and I’m pretty up for staying in doors as much as possible as it’s now FREEZING. I haven’t been up to much but nonetheless, it’s been a while since I’ve spent a second to reflect so here it goes.

Hangover Sundays/Getting a Chinese – Last Sunday, I spent the day a little under the weather, I won’t lie to you (too much red wine). I spent a lot of the day in bed watching Netflix, napped and managed to get out of my pit for a Chinese takeaway and the start of ‘I’m a celeb’. Despite the hangover, it was SO needed.

Finishing my short story – I’ve been raking my brains over the last week to finish my assessment as it’s due this Thursday. I’ll be able to breath a little more once it’s gone over but I think I’ve pretty much finished my story and it feels good. As much as I’m still so anxious that’s a pile of shit, I feel relieved to have gotten over the writers block to get it down. Now just the dreaded commentary essay to go *groan*.

Long phone calls with mum – As it’s lockdown I haven’t been home for a while so it was nice this week to have a couple of long phones to catch up.

Making treats – For Christmas, I had thought about making a couple of homemade treats for gifts. I attempted to make some white chocolate truffles which didn’t quite go to plan (although they taste fab). I also made a millionaire shortbread which is HEAVEN. I’ve been living off it ever since and it’s basically pure sugar so the diet is going well!

Losing 8lbs – Talking of diets, I have now been on Slimming World for a couple of months and have so far lost 8lbs. It’s getting a loooot harder with the cold weather and grey days but I’m getting there and feel proud of what I’ve managed to lose so far. A little way to go but not putting any pressure on it and being sensible when I can, accepting that some days might just be a fail! Hoping to lose a couple more pounds before Christmas to make room for good food! We will see.

Sick day – Although it wasn’t so fab feeling shit all day, it was nice to have a day off work last week to recharge. Work has been really hard and zaps my energy every single day. I spent the day in bed, had naps on the sofa (bloody love a nap) and watched back to back films. All of which, did the trick.

Cuddles with Blue – Honestly the best thing after a stressful day. She has been super needy recently due to the fireworks which has meant a lot more cuddles. Definitely good for the soul. Although if we could all give the fireworks a rest now that’d be great.

Finishing New Girl – Pretty emotional but last week we finished New Girl which I’ve been watching from the start. Such a feel good series, loved every character and probably cried way too much. Loved it all, will probs watch 9459593 more times.

Festive mugs – I may or may not have stayed up last week until 1am, scrolling through Google for festive treats that I don’t need. Brought two cute Christmas mugs from Anthropologie for festive hot chocolates and allllll the coffee. No regrets.

Long walk on Sunday – Had a pretty beaut weekend, nice and chilled at home, catching up on uni work, cooking and getting the flat clean and cosy. On Sunday, I dragged Charlie out for a walk with Blue in Osterley Park. The weather was my favouriteeeee kind of Autumn weather, the sun was out and was really nice to get out, go for a walk and Blue loved it. There’s nothing better than getting back from a walk in the woods, getting wrapped up and watching a cosy Sunday film.


It was a pretty beaut week but that’s not to say it hasn’t been a struggle. I’ve really had to try to get through this month, doing my best to stay positive about next month which is going to be pretty difficult for us, despite some really lush plans. It’s my birthday next week and feels completely surreal that it’s here again already. Feeling very ready to get 2020 over with!

I hope you’ve all been keeping safe and well. Catch up with you very soon.


Author: rheawarren

28. London. Lifestyle Blogger. Addicted to coffee and cakes. Occasionally read a book or two.

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