Lake Bled, homed in the Julian Alps, Slovenia is a hidden gem that remained hidden until much recently. Not only is it now one of the most popular resorts in both Slovenia and Europe, I’d come close to say it’s probably my favourite place on Earth*

*That I have visited, obviously. 

I first discovered Lake Bled when interailing with my best friend in 2013 (see my post here) and although I have since visited some of the prettiest places in and out of Europe, Lake Bled still takes the prize. In 2015, I spent the day back in Bled whilst in Ljubljana and although a lot seemed to have changed – the rules, the tourists, the time; it was still as amazing as I had remembered it.

With only the capital city a 2 hour flight away from London, there’s no excuse not to visit but in case you still need convincing, here’s 5 reason’s why.




I shouldn’t need to state the obvious but Lake Bled is not shy of a photo and nor does it have a single flaw off camera. Although you’re no longer able to swim everywhere in the lake and sunbath on it’s green grass that borders it, pitching up to admire or sitting in the midst of it by boat is actually breath-taking.


Not only is it the funniest thing trying to travel the lake by boat, it’s the best way to see it from a completely different angle. Lake Bled offers various water sports and is sectioned off to allow tourists to jump in and enjoy it.



Whilst I stayed in Bled, I was lucky enough to be hosted by the most amazing locals who knew everything there was to know about the town – including Vintgar Gorje. Bled, nicknamed ‘The Land of Water’ is home to most amazing spring waterfalls where tourists can trek and enjoy. Unlike many of the larger, well known Lakes in Europe, the Gorje was tranquil and quiet and almost tourist free (Although this was 4 years ago..) The water is also incredible.. and cold.



I’d give my arms and legs to experience Lake Bled as a working adult and in a fabulous hotel but it’s worth mentioning that Lake Bled is the ideal backpacker’s stop. Not only is everything close by, everything quickly feels like home, nightlife is fab and there are several amazing choices for hostel life. We stayed in Hostel Bled and although a little walk up the hill, could not be happier with the time we spent there and the friends that we made.



Nestled in the middle of the lake lies Bled Island, where you’ll find the Church of Assumption and a cute museum. Not only is half the fun  of the island in getting to it, you’ll also be met my 99 steps, in which as tradition goes, the husband is meant to carry his new bride up them (which is basically the cutest thing I’ve ever heard)


Above image by the Huffington Post. 

Lake Bled immediately felt like home, which I think is why it has stuck with me so long and remains a place I’d visit time and time again. Life feels simple, making Lake Bled the perfect place for a getaway.

Until next time.



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