Picture this. It’s 40c and you’re wandering around Rome or Budapest. You only have a couple of days to capture every part of the city. You meet people on the train to Bled and that night are all having a Mexican by the lake. You forget what actual sleep feels like unless you are sleeping in the corridors of a night train along with 15 Spanish boys. You pay 14,000 for a Mcdonalds and spend 3 hours hunting for a free beer.  Interrailing, although being the only experience as of yet that I’ve had of any sort of travelling, is the best way to start. And here is why, you curious little bunch –

1. Everything is jam-packed. Anyone that knows me well, knows that I like to schedule in at least one lazy day a week. I went interrailing two years ago now and I remember returning feeling itchy if I sat down for more than an hour. You either have a train to catch or have a couple of days to see everything you want before moving on, which in my opinion makes it so much more exciting. You are never bored. Except maybe when your train delays and you are stranded on it for 22 hours.

2. You meet so many people. It’s strange how when you are away, meeting people is basically like meeting new best friends for a couple of days. Everyone is doing the same thing, everyone wants to make it the best time and it’s nice to be able to share stories and chat with newbies. Staying in hostels, although the thought is scary, is the best way to meet different people.

3. So many cities on a budget. The best thing about getting an interrail pass is that you can do the whole of Europe in one month (or just over) and the majority of your journeys are completely included. Although everything is so fast-paced, it does mean that you get to see so many amazing places for a v. reasonable price. I spent around £1200 (maybe 1300) on the entire thing. Pass and all. My friend spent even less. We shared a lot of pizza but not once did we feel we missed out.. Until running out of money in the last 24 hours and basically being homeless (no biggy)

4. The simple life. Aside from remembering when your next train is and booking hostels or maybe when lost and tired, interrailing is no stress. You don’t have to worry about home or work or real life. For a whole month you are completely care-free. If you want to play cards in the middle of the street, you play cards. If you want to spend the day sleeping by a pool, you do that. I miss having absolutely nothing to reaaaally worry about.

5. Easy exercise. Before interrailing Uni had made me fat. I can’t deny it, nobody can. I actually had no idea how chubs I had got until looking back at our first intterail pictures. Whether you need to shed your double chin or not, interrailing is such a good way of getting fit. I must have walked a good 8 hours a day, and despite my feet feeling like they were going to fall off, I left having shed a couple of pounds without really noticing. Win.

You can find out more about Interrailing hereeee. If you are interested in being nosy, I made a really bad montage of my pics from my trip in 2013. Excuse the editing – I am not a Youtuber.

lovelove, R.

Author: rheawarren

28. London. Lifestyle Blogger. Addicted to coffee and cakes. Occasionally read a book or two.

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