I have a love/hate relationship with Valentine’s Day.

With the exception of primary school days when I had 12 boyfriends and was swimming with cards from the anonymous post box, (I was obviously a catch with my pink Adidas tracksuit and monobrow), I rarely had a boyfriend for Valentine’s and when I did, they’d always conveniently dump me before-hand which led to various independent woman posts, including this 2015 gem.

I then got a bit older, decided to burn the tracksuits and plucked the eyebrows (too much, is debatable) and found a boyfriend that decided he would stick around for the seasonal holidays. What a babe.

In theory I should be all bells and whistles about Valentines day as the male kind deprived me of celebrations for 90% of my life but when you’re in a relationship and find that you spend half your time together eating out or eating dominoes in bed then it doesn’t leave many options or money to splash the cash.

So this year, I’ve given myself the challenge to do Valentine’s night on £15 and what better way to share the love than to let you in on this bloody bargain.

ps. I haven’t told Charlie that he can cancel the surprise 365 roses delivery and dinner at the Shard, because I know how much he wants to treat me and I can’t let a guy down..

Shopping List:

The Card –  Card Factory, 99p

Mini Prosecco – M&S, £3.80

Strawberries – Tesco, £2

Galaxy Bar – Waitrose, £1

Milkyway Bar – Waitrose, £1

Marshmallows – Waitrose, £1

2 Chocolate, Raspberry & Prosecco Cupcakes – M&S, £2

Red Heart Napkins – Poundland, £1

Heart Shaped Bowls – Poundland, £1

Total – £13.79

If there’s any excuse to milk a night in with chocolate fondue then Valentine’s is it. I managed to pick up a few bits to put on a cute spread and all within budget. I often find that some of the best nights are nights away from the TV or strangers or your phones. Get a pack of cards, a load of sweet treats and get drunk on prosecco, although, the mini bottle to share might not get you too far.

Unless you’re me, then a mini bottle would do just fine…

I’d love to know what you’re up to this Valentine’s and of course, any bargain tips for cute dates would never go a miss. 

Happy Valentine’s you bunch of cuties. 



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