With the wonderful news going on this week that I’m in line for a promotion at work (yay for me) it’s got me feeling all reflective about my life plans and as much as I don’t like thinking too far ahead, everyone’s always got a bit of an idea what they want from life –

Don’t deny it kids.

I always joke that there’s two paths for me – one is that I’ll be this hugely successful ambitious working woman that goes out for lots of lunches with friends and takes my kids to all of their clubs and cooks good food on my giant island filled kitchen after a productive day at work and if I’m not super rich or at least ‘comfortable’, then I’m not prepared to settle. I’ma be a hippy that owns a bar on a beach or something similar. I’ll spend my life home schooling my kids and traveling the world in a camper-van and although I probably wouldn’t acquire dreadlocks, I’d be Jessica Alba tanned and money wouldn’t matter and life would be bliss.

Both life plans sound fab as far as life plans go but who am I to decide my fate?!

In all seriousness, I do have a little cheeky list on some of the things that I’d like to achieve in my lifetime which obviously does consist of more than 5 things but y’know, time is precious and we haven’t got all day.

WRITE A BOOK – A lot of you will know that I’m partial to a bit of creative writing when my brain allows me to but it’s actually been a long while since I made any progress on any kind of novel or even short story. 2 years actually. But it’s something I’ve always wanted to do, even if it doesn’t go anywhere. I don’t need to be J.K Rowling, but I would like to create something and spend a good chunk of my life investing some time into that.

HAVE A FAMILY – Basic bitchin’ with my bucket list here and a few years ago maybe everyone would have guessed that I wouldn’t want a cute little family but I definitely do. 3 children preferably, although a palm reader in Thailand told me that I’d have two. A boy and a girl. So I’ll take his word for it. Obviously.

LIVE ABROAD – I don’t want to stay in England forever or at least I’d like to spend some time living somewhere else or in several different places. Because why wouldn’t I want to eat different foods and go exploring on the weekends and learn a different language or make worldwide friends that I can visit/stalk forever more.

GET MARRIED IN ITALY – I’ve always had this weird vision of me getting married on the beach in Italy. I dunno alright, but it sounds divine.

BECOME SOMEONE THAT ISN’T COMPLETELY ALLERGIC TO EXERCISE – Probably the most realistic from my top 5 bucket list is the plan to become less of a useless lump when it comes to getting fit (although, debatable)  I do actually enjoy exercise when it comes down to it; I’m just rubbish. I’d like to turn 30 and feel good. Life goals for sureeee.


There’s so many bucket list posts I will probably bore you with one day but I’m thinking this is a start. Aside from having daily panic attacks that I’m 23 and feel like I’m going on 40 and haven’t yet achieved this list, I do know that I’ve got a whole lifetime to do amazing things and really for now, if I can get by with a cheeky promotion and my car doesn’t break down on me and I go a whole day in the office without spilling something down my top then I reckon I’m on to something pretty good.

I LOVE reading bucket lists so do share if you’ve got some pretty set plans that you want to tick off. It might even inspire me to do something with my life.

Until then.



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