I struggled with life yesterday so this beaut of a post about happiness is what I was meant to post but didn’t feel happy enough to. BUT behold; it’s not all doom and gloom and as far as last week goes – life got pretty good.

Here’s what made me happy. NB: I’m quite aware that a lot of this is materialistic but money sometimes does bring me happiness, alright.

3 DAY WEEK – Every working week should be a 3 day week in my opinion, but since that’s not likely to happen, having a little break last week felt good and was definitely needed.

TEEN WOLF – I know I’ve bored everyone with my recent obsession that is Teen Wolf but after binge watching the first two seasons in basically a week, I’m completely hooked and there’s nothing better than getting so involved in a series that it becomes life’s mission to slip in a few episodes wherever you can. I’m mental, I know.


ZARA DELIVERIES – Zara are doing a fine job at the minute so I’ve been treating myself to a few gems. If you’re equally interested in splashing your cash when you probably shouldn’t be, then Zara is a babe this Autumn. Thank me later.

GETTING MY TAX REBATE AND BUYING A CAR – Since passing my driving test in February and my car breaking down on me after a month, getting another car seemed like a distant dream. Thank the lordddddd for tax returns because I got myself a decent banger of a car and this makes me very happy.

METALLIC NAILS – Dreamy metallic are everywhere at the minute so I got involved with rose gold metallic nails. And when you spend the entire month making your acrylics hang on for dear life, it brings me such happiness to go get them pampered.

CHARLIE’S RETURN – After 3 months and a 10 day reunion in Thailand, Charlie finaaaally came home from his travels this past weekend. Cuddles and food and jäger bombs  were had and it was bliss.


WHITENING MY TEETH – Last week I took the first plunge into the journey that is whitening my teeth. I decided to try a home kit by Coco White for the next two weeks to see how it goes so watch this space. I plan to have teeth like X Factor babe, Rylan by end of the month, so we’ll seeeee.


THE SACONNE JOLYS – I’m sure I’ve mentioned these beauts from YouTube many’a times but this week, whilst they’ve been sunning it up in Sorrento, a part of me has felt like I’m holiday too. Yep. I’m weird. But they’ve given me 16 minutes of happiness everyday so I don’t even care.

CLEANSING MY ROOM – Sometimes going through all of your old things and getting rid of what you don’t use or need any more is the perfect cure for a clear mind. Especially at the start of a new season. I don’t often get the urge to throw everything out but I definitely felt better for it after.

PUMPKIN LATTES ARE HERE – Basic Bitchin’ hard but Autumn has officially arrived and so has the sassy world that is pumpkin spiced lattes. Such heaven in a cup.

WORK RECOGNITION – It’s a good feeling to know that when I spend 80% of my time moaning about being in work, that it’s not all wasted effort. Plus, a little extra motivation to make a difference doesn’t come unwelcome. GO ME. 


I’m excited for September, even if not a whole lot is going on. I feel ready to make plans and wear giant jumpers again. I’m excited to drive and drink baileys hot chocolate’s on tap. Not at the same time obviously. I’m excited to get back to a routine and have cute days out. I’m excited that it’s only three months until my favourite month of the year and that I’ma be so darn productive and festive this year it’s not even funny. But aside from all of that wonderful-ness, I’m excited to just be happy. ‘Cos that’s what it’s about really int it?

What has made you happy this past week?



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