There’s always something sad about the realisation that the last of your holidays are over for the year (supposedly) that makes you feel like work is all you will ever know for the rest of eternity and I am really struggling being back in the office today; no tea, coffee or chocolate highs will save me from the exhaustion of July. BUT on Tuesday, I did get home after 5 beautiful days in Italy and couldn’t not share a few of my absolute preaches on why Italy is always so amazing.

3 years ago (which feels like a lifetime ago), I inter-railed with Gabrielle and spent a week in Italy, running for trains as we traveled from Rome to the North and I fell in love.

Like, OMG how is this ice cream so good and why do the buildings look like they were carved by Gods kinda love.


Even after being sick in the Sistine Chapel (a highlight of my month traveling), I knew that I wasn’t done with Italy. A graduation and fair few travels around the globe later, I bring us to the past week that I spent discovering gems like Milan, Verona and the Cinque Terre and although I put on every calorie I burned sightseeing with gallons of ice cream and pasta, I would go again in a second.

Here’s a few amazing reasons why Italy is so amazing –

FOOD – Duh. Italy wouldn’t be Italy without the babe that is Italian food.


THE COBBLED STREETS – A girl’s Instagram dream are the streets of Italy. With either pretty trees or pretty doors or pretty walls or pretty paving, you know you’re in for a winner for fancy content. Who knew I’d ever get the opportunity to appreciate a decent bit of paving in a list post. Italy did good.


THE WEATHER – With the exception of one mental evening thunderstorm in Milan, I’ve never known Italy’s summer to suck. It’s bloody hot.

THE HISTORY – Geeking out to all of the amazing history and museums and insane cathedrals is a fav whilst in Italy and it’s literally impossible to ignore.

THE SASS – Italy is filled with sassy designer shops, quirky bars and cute hidden restaurants covered in grape vines. Each city offers sass in its own right which is something I luuurve about travelling the nook and crannies of one country.



THE NONCHALANT LIFE – Perhaps I notice it more as a traveler but aside from the bustle of life and tourists of Italy, you are faced with a nonchalant way of life of never really being in too much of a hurry. Italy transforms you into a dreamy local, sipping coffee in a riverside cafe, feeling completely worry free about how much time is left in the day.


IT’S ROMANTIC – I’m sorry but can you get any more loved up than gondola rides and Juliet’s balcony and sharing spaghetti and getting drunk on wine and reciting poetry and crazy pretty sunsets? Nah, I didn’t think so.

I have had the cutest 5 days being reunited with the Italian sun and was beaut to catch up with a best friend that I don’t ever really get to see anymore. I ate lots, walked lots, talked lots, laughed lots, read lots and already hunting down Italy on Lonely Planet for the next city to visit.

For what was such a cheap and well needed break (nb: I always need a break alright), Italy was such a babe and if you haven’t been, you need to book yourself a flight. Even if it’s just for the ice cream.



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