It has been 15 days since I returned home from my dreamy holiday in Thailand and although I technically only have 10 minutes left until I leave work and jet off again for 5 days of Italian sun, I am still left craving bits of Koh Samui that I left behind.

(I never imagined that I’d leave Thailand with cellulitis and blood poisoning which has nicely evolved in the last few days but that’s a completely different barrel of laughs for you all)

Koh Samui, a small tourist island in south of Thailand had it all and actually, although a lot of people told me a 10 day holiday wouldn’t be enough when traveling all of that way, I actually felt that I saw a good chunk of it and still managed to have time to rest, get drunk, have lazy mornings in and get over my jet lag before I had to jump on the plane again for a miserable 20 something hours home.

This is what I looooved and wouldn’t mind getting back to sometime soon –

Him. Stating the obvious here but my favourite thing about Thailand was that I was reunited with Charlie after a month of him being away. Without getting all mushy, I hadn’t quite realised how difficult it would be without him but the 10 days on our first ever holiday (check us out) was a good chance to catch up, be all cute, have our first argument, be all cute again and I remembered why I ever stuck around when he told me he was jetting off for the summer.  Although I had to get ready to miss him all over again, we’re doing good and he is loving life, so I’ll let him off.

The Food. Banana milkshakes and Thai food all day, everyday. YES PLEASE.

The Simple Life. Although Koh Samui has incredibly touristy spots that allow young backpackers to get drunk on the beach and hit up the street food for what is most likely unsanitary chicken, I can’t help but miss the simple life of not having to rely on anything or worry about too much.

Our Treehouse spot – Making a trip to our treehouse lunch spot to chill in our little corner with our cushions and kittens was bliss. Nothing better than pancakes in a treehouse bathing in 34 degree heat.

 The Mornings – Waking up and knowing I can do anything I fancy and that the suns out and I can put my shorts and dreamy coconut cream on and go to breakfast and watch the sea and drown myself in iced coffees. Now that I’m back at work, that’s something I miss. 

Our Pool – Cannot describe. Our view wasn’t too shabby either.

Hostel life – As much as doing it properly felt amazing, it was good to get back to abit of hostel life and meet some new people and drink my body weight in Chang.

Thailand was a good’un and I’ll miss Koh Samui in so many ways. I don’t regret a single penny, a single mozzy bite and I don’t even regret the night I lost my shoes on a motorbike.

I’ll be seeing ya. 



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