To say it has been a while would be an understatement. Sorry about me. The start of 2019 hit me like a tonne of bricks and how it’s already May, I can’t even comprehend.

I’d tell you that I’ve been busy (but to say that I’ve been busy since January wouldn’t exactly be the truth) I’ve actually just had crippling anxiety and anytime that I haven’t been at work, I have been exhausted. And when at work, I’ve either had multiple breakdowns or been too busy to breath. Yay for stress.

Nonetheless, I’ve had a week off work after my mental state reached peak point and I spent an entire day crying to my boss telling him how much I was hating being here (that was a laugh) but now I’m back after not much of a rest but a definite break from work and I’m ready to sort my life out.

The most exciting news of 2019 and something that has consumed my attention span over the past two months is that Charlie and are moving! I started thehouseonthegreen living at home 4 years ago and since then moaned about my desperation to move out  and with the little help of a friend who was moving out of her house in Isleworth, Charlie and I have swooped in and spent the last two weeks decorating to finally move in ourselves.

There is A LOT to do but luckily there hasn’t been anything too dramatic other than a touch of paint, a good clean and some minor stripping of wallpaper. I’ve spent the past week up to my eyes in paint and it’s starting to come together which I am super chuffed about. BRING ON THE VASES AND CUSHIONS.

Of course, I would love to share some progress photos and do an entire blog on everything we have fixed up but for now, I’ll start with this –

I am completely elated with how things are at the moment. I don’t show it because things outside of the new house has been so up in the air and even with the house, it has felt like it’ll be ages until we’re in there properly, all complete. But I am genuinely happy to be starting a new chapter, so excited for life and I think (I hope) both of us are buzzing for the summer in our home.

Things I’m excited for?

  1. Getting paint out of my nails (might even treat myself to a cheeky manicure when all done and dusted)
  2. Sitting in my window seat with a cuppa, looking at the birds (it’s bird haven fyi)
  3. BBQs with our friends and summer gatherings
  4. Going to IKEA to buy plates, mugs and everything we don’t need.
  5. Putting flowers and candles on my mantel piece (We have not one but TWO fireplaces to decorate)
  6. Going food shopping and filling our cupboards – waiting for the day I’m not living off crisps and sausage rolls.
  7. Having cosy nights in in front of the TV with our beaut sofa (when it finally arrives)
  8. Buying candles – it’s been a while since I’ve been allowed a candle in the house and my god, am I ready.
  9. Cooking dinner for the first time – I picture us cooking homemade pies and baking at the weekend but the likelihood of us being tempted by the £4.99 pizza or the fish and chips at the end of the road is pretty high.
  10. Getting the girls round for a takeaway night or ACTUAL dinner parties.
  11. Weekends at home – Call me crazy but I’m just buzzing to wake up at home on a sunny weekend, get some housework done whilst Netflix is on in the background, pottering around like a little ol’ housewife.
  12. Being so close to so many beaut London parks (and bars)
  13. Not having to nag Charlie about seeing me as he’ll have me all the time (soz hun)
  14. Excited to not have to do the 45 minute drive back and forth for a while – moving with a smart car is longggg. Yay for flat packs.
  15. Excited to sit in the garden of an evening with a glass of red and a book. Might even have time to blog, who bloody knows.

We plan to be in by the weekend which is both exciting and mad. I feel like I have been waiting to move out for so so long and we are so lucky to have got the opportunity to move somewhere so lush (with its quirks, don’t get me wrong) but lush even still. Obviously, i’ll be crazy sad to leave my mum and my dog and the little house on the green, it breaks me that I won’t see them everyday but on-wards and upwards ay! I’ve told them they can come for sleepovers.

Promise not to disappear anytime soon.

ps. here’s a sneak peak of my tea break yesterday…





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28. London. Lifestyle Blogger. Addicted to coffee and cakes. Occasionally read a book or two.

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