HAPPY NEW YEAR YOU CUTIES. It’s 8 days into 2019, 5 of those back at work and I hope I’m not the only one that has already failed to keep pretty much all of my goals already – diet ruined, money spent, day one of training skipped – GUILTY.

I’m tired alright.

The fact it was New Year’s eve basically a week ago blows my brains but what better way to start the new year with some happiness, think we are all in desperate need of it with those January blues so here goes it…

On NYE Eve, one of my favs Emma and I tackled Wimbledon for some lunch and to hunt down a very last minute new year outfit. Despite spending my weekly budget on clothes I don’t need, it was a lush afternoon. We went for a Wagamama and instead of the basic Katsu Curry, I decided to go mental and order something new. I had the Chilli Prawn and Kimchee Ramen and it was delishhhhh. The best prep for a messy night.


Then NYE night arrived and Charlie and I drove up to his friend’s house about an hour away and despite panicking about being on my own all night or passing out at 11:59, it was actually a really lovely night and I don’t remember humiliating myself too much which is a good start (still probs did obvs – no more than Charlie in that outfit mind)  It was good to have a drunken night with him as it had been a while and despite the 7am bedtime and disgusting hangover on New Year’s Day, it was a beaut end to the year.


Can you eveeen return to work after New Year without new stationary? That’s a no. I didn’t go crazy this year as you know – new year new me but I did buy a new desk calendar and cute new notebook and I love both. Stationary in general gives me life but paired with glossy gel pens, I’m madeeee.


I have been obsessed with two new series on Netflix this past week, finishing both in 2 days. The first being Marie Kondo’s Tidying Up which I loooved. Not everyone’s cup of tea but so soothing and has given me the urge to pull out all my shit and decide what sparks me joy and throw away everything that doesn’t. Definitely a January watch if you’re struggling to get motivated. The second series is The OA which has been on Netflix a couple of years. I was addicted and smashed through 5 hours in one evening. Such an interesting concept, bit of a mind fuck and super addictive.

To cure my sadness that Christmas is over for an entire year, I was easily talked into signing up to Birchbox and received my first December box at the weekend. It’s so cute and I’m really excited to discover some new beauty treats each month and for only a tenner, I’m sold.


Making lunches for work – It was a goal this year to prepare more lunch and spend less money on M&S ready meals and I’ve smashed it so far and has definitely made a difference to my bank balance already. I would usually spend £10-15 a week on lunch and that’s madness once it adds up for the month. I’ve been super happy that I’ve stuck to it since being back and even when I don’t have a dinner to stretch, keeping it cheap and bringing in some beans or chopping up some crunchy veg is doing the trick. I know that I won’t always be able to do it but starting the year on track (even if I’m still eating 394959 snacks after lunch) is a good start.

Booking a surprise for me and Charlie – can’t tell ya what it is as it’s a secret but starting the year by booking a date night to look forward to is exactly what I needed.

No traffic – It’s the little things but my godddd did the traffic to work last week make me happy. Why do so many people drive their Children to school plz? It hurts my soul sitting in traffic for an hour when the journey is 20 minutes on a good day.

I spent Friday night at my sister’s for dinner and it had been a while since I popped round for a catch up which is my favourite. We had Bailey’s coffee, talked a lot, I ate good curry and she gave me  belated Charlotte Tilbury lippy’s for Christmas which I looove.

At the weekend, I met up with Kaz and Lucy – two of my uni girls, for lunch in Covent Garden and it was really really lovely. I had an insannnne Wild Boar and Chorizo burger and sweet potato fries from Wildwood and we topped it off with a pink gin for dessert. SO good to see them and catch up.


An easy return – I’ll be honest, as much as being back at work breaks my heart when alllll I wanna do is get on a beach and forget the world, work has actually been pretty dead which has been a nice ease into the new year. I’ve had time to journal, evaluate what I want for my career this year, make some decisions and get my life a tiny bit more organised which is so much nicer than coming back to immediate stress.


All in all, I’ve had a really good first week of 2019. I’m knackered today and cramping like no tomorrow but I’m off to see Mary Poppins tonight and there’s no stopping me! Things are looking up and despite the already failed attempts at changing some of my bad habits, I kinda half feel okay about it. It’ll work out how it’s meant to and there’s always next month ay! I did hear the new year officially starts in February anyway…



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