2 years ago (unbelievably still feels like I got home 2 months ago) I packed a backpack and traveled Croatia for the summer and fell in love. Not only would I go back in a heartbeat, it is full of incredible towns and islands and hidden gems that make each place worth visiting and Split, is no exception.

Having flown in and out of Split, we spent an entire 15 days in the town throughout the whole summer; more time than anywhere else. It’s a town that you can explore the nook and crannies over a long weekend or like us, make yourself at home in and offers something for everyone, even cheeky £2 cocktails or a new cozzy from Zara.

There are a million reasons to visit Split in Croatia this summer but as its 34 degree heat in London when I’m writing this and I can barely think, here’s 5 for ya –

Diocletian’s Palace

 Croatia is full of incredible old towns but the palace in Split, and the history behind it, is like nothing else. On a cuter scale to the old walls in Dubrovnik, the Diocletian’s palace was built in the 4th century and is the heart of everything in Split where locals and tourists, eat, live, shop, wonder the markets and sit on the steps with a cocktail or coffee watching the world go by. I’d definitely recommend the walking tour because although it’s blistering hot during the months of July and August and you’ll for sure get your sweat on in that hour, nothing beats sitting in a café down an alley of the palace, knowing the stories of the kings and military that also sat there centuries ago.



The food and sunset drinks

I’ll boast about the food wherever I go because duh #foodislife but because we spent so much time in Split,  a lot of my memories revolve around overstaying our welcome in restaurants and cute pop up bars in the park. If you’re a foodie with simple taste, definitely get your arse down to ‘No Stress’ where we basically ate breakfast, lunch and dinner 95% of our trip. I also had the best knocci, possibly of all time, in ‘F-Marine’, a little walk down the promenade. If you’re a sushi lover, we had a cute couple of meals in ‘Oyster & Sushi Bar Bota’; home to a heavenly teriyaki steak and if fish, potatoes and meat float your boat, you’re in for a treat pretty much anywhere.


Split is fab for nightlife and cute sunset drinks by the promenade and if you’re 16-40 you probably won’t be a stranger to an Australian guy on a skateboard selling you bar crawl tickets, which we brought and I can’t say I remember too much of. Guessing it was a laugh.

 I’ll stop chatting about food and pina-colada’s now as it’s 11:46 and I’M STARVING.

Marjan park

I’d be a fool not to mention a park because Croatia looooves a park but if you’re only in Split for a few days, Marjan is worth the trek up the hill, especially if you’re after a getaway from all of the hustle and bustle. Climb the 314 steps to reach the highest point and soak up the view, hunt down St Jerome’s church or even have a walk through the zoo. We were fortunate enough to avoid a ticket due to the numerous escaped birds with huge tails hanging around outside.

The location

Split is a babe for location to get you anywhere in Croatia. It’s one of the easiest towns to fly into if you’re coming from the UK as well as homing the cheaper flights but it’s also bloody good for hopping around the nearby Islands which are DREAM’S to visit. It’s a bus away from Omis where you can zip-line through the mountains or white water raft in beaut rapids and you can also take a day trip to Krka, the national park and have a swim in its pristine clear waterfalls.


The hidden beaches

Every tour guide that ever exists will tell you to hit up Bacvice Beach because there’s sand and sand in Croatia is like a swimming pool in a desert. But darlin’ don’t do it. You’ll find numerous hidden beaches in Split that are queen’s for their clear water, lack of screaming babies and zero sand in your swimsuit. I spent my time at a random rocky beach maybe 20 minute walk along the promenade, in the opposite direction of Bacvice and didn’t look back. You can also find another hidden gem during your walk through Marjan.



Split became my home away from home and has so many more reasons why. It’s the best taster for Croatia and you’ll 100% be itching to see more – you won’t regret it.

I’d like to share a few other gems from my time away so watch out for those.



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