It’s not Monday. But lately, the days are rolling into one so who is counting? I don’t have a clue where my head is at and after the most fabulous bank holiday at the end of May, it took only a day back in the office to get an illness and accept defeat with stress.


I finish work at 5:30pm and I honestly feel like I’ve been dragged through a 10k bush of nettles. I’m exhausted and moody and lazy and all the progress I was making (see highly productive post here) has collapsed in the past two weeks. I’ll be doing a post about all of that separately as I haven’t been a’okay but I have managed to pick up the gym in the last week and came into this week feeling so much better, even if it does take a daily bikini try-on to up the motivation.


Life that isn’t work (if that’s even a thing at the moment) is good. I have 3 holidays planned which I am SO excited for. I’m away with Charlie for a week in July which will be actual bliss and once that is all over, I’m super excited for a villa, sunshine and 10 days with my girls in September. I’m also jetting off for a sneaky and very overdue weekend in Prague with my best friend and I couldn’t be more excited for something different.

Although it now feels like years since I went away for Gabrielle’s birthday and spent a weekend away glamping, I’ve been looking back at it to remind myself that life is pretty alright really. The entire weekend was super chilled, super cute and the escape @ Oldwick Barn was only an hour away from my doorstep.

Because it wouldn’t be a catch up without a dump of photos, here’s a couple of my favs –

I’ve had a lot of people ask me where I’ve been and honestly, blogging just hasn’t been my priority. I’ve really tried to get my head in the right place and now that I think I’m getting there, at home and at work, I should hopefully be back with a couple of posts so gimmie some time hunnnys.

The fact that it’s already June is absolutely madness but I cannot wait to share my summer with you all ❤



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