“God gives us choices. But sometimes, God gives us no choice. He deals us the cards, and we play them.”

I take binge watching very seriously and so when I discovered that the South African coming of age trilogy was downloadable from iTunes, I pounced quicker than a shopaholic in a 50% sale (so, basically me). I am fully in love with Troye Sivan but even if you are not, ‘Spud’ sends you on an emotional roller coaster of tears, laughs and full-frontal cringe as the leading man, ‘Spud’ Milton, played by Troye himself, takes his first kiss. With the first movie being released in 2010, it is nice to watch the cast grow into their characters by the final film, released in South Africa in November of last year.

SPUD – It’s 1990 in South Africa and Nelson Mandela is being released. 14 year old ‘Spud’ Milton, formerly known as John Milton pre boarding school also begins his first year at Michaelhouse. ‘Spud’, named by his dorm-mates because he “has a small willy” and his “balls haven’t dropped”, seeks desperate approval from the other boys. His only friends are his English Teacher, epically played by John Cleese and the other school loser, nicknamed ‘Geko’. Not only does the first film include the odd musical number as Spud plays the main character in the school production of Oliver, but it also includes a hilarious script whilst also maintaining a serious storyline about the political change in South Africa and loss and gain of friendship and family. One hundred percent my fav of the three.

Trailer nommer enn (trailer one in African, btw) – 

SPUD 2: THE MADNESS CONTINUES – Spud Milton and the ‘Crazy Eight’ are cool. Set a year later, we still see Spud, searching for his manhood, as well as the answers to his ongoing love triangle. I liked the sequel to the trilogy as it truly follows on. We know his mental family and the situation with Mandela. We know the house leader, ‘Sparerib’ played by Jason Cope and his prefects and the ball ache they all have for the eight boys causing trouble around the school. We know that Spud now only has eight hairs downstairs and all of this, really makes us root for them all. Troye Sivan’s south african accent is also still going strong, (in case you wondered).

Trailer nommer twee –

SPUD 3: LEARNING TO FLY – Spud 3, sees the grand debut of fellow Youtube friend, Casper Lee. For this reason, I began my search for the Spud movies. Spud 3 opens with Spud and his girlfriend “The Mermaid” getting it on at the Milton New Year party of 1992 and we feel hope for his adolescence as he turns 16. Little do we know at this point, that his life is about to be turned upside down as his scholarship is threatened due to his unruly behaviour in the past two years. Spud must go for something that the ‘Crazy Eight’ forbid going for – House Prefect. The cinematography has improved with new director John Barker taking the original novel into his hands and bringing it up to date (well sort of, it’s still 1992 in South Africa without a working family car – spoiler). It all gets a bit serious but the hilarious script is ongoing, John Cleese is as good as ever as he looks for love and it’s almost acceptable to start fancying the cast.

Trailer noomer drie – 

I can’t tell you why I connected so much with the story of Spud Milton and his journey of manhood, but I do know that he and the rest of the cast, portrayed the stories in a way that is difficult not to connect with. The Spud trilogy is an independent male “St Trinians” and hits where it needs to hit at the moment it hits (say ‘hits’ more, I dare ya). It’s not a film you watch just once, it’s a film you watch everytime you need to remind yourself of how it all began and what matters most. I am fully in love with Troye Sivan, but there is a slight chance, I’m obsessed with Spud. (guilty). 

Find it on iTunes you beautiful people.



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