Hey friends, what’s this surprise heatwave we’re having in September please? My brain is absolute mush today and I’m not sure if it’s being back at work after a long weekend or the 28 degree heat we’re having in London this week. I’m a day late to the party posting this as I spent the majority of my day yesterday glued to prep work for uni (I’ll fill you in on that shortly), going back and forth from the garden to avoid completely melting and chain eating Cornettos.

It’s been a beaut week, one that feels crazy busy and I’m officially exhausted but as I got up to a couple of really lush things, I thought I’d catch you up.

Sick days – I started last week completely run down with a sickness bug and whilst being sick for over 24 hours is never ideal, it did mean that I had every excuse to do absolutely nothing which was really needed. I had a couple of days just binge watching Selling Sunset on Netflix, napping and not much else and it was pretty bliss.

Being accepted for uni – 2020 has been a weird one and amongst all the madness I decided to apply to go back to uni and do my Master’s in Creative Writing. This week, my registration was all finalised and I was accepted which I could not be more chuffed about. I’ll be cramming a part-time course into two years so will be officially busy until 2022 but I’m excited to get passionate about writing again, start fresh and hopefully learn a tonne (something that during my first uni experience was replaced by jagerbombs and midnight fry ups).

Reading a new book – I’m currently reading ‘Normal People’ by Sally Rooney which has been on my list for ages and I’m really loving it. Excited to get it finished to watch the TV series. I’ll be posting my next book club instalment next week so watch this space.

Cuddles with Blue – I spent a lot of last week fully cuddled up on the sofa with the dog which might just be the best cure for a stressful day I’ve ever found. Why she so cute plz?

Dinner at mums – Last Wednesday I dropped Blue off at mums as I was heading away for the weekend. As much as I dread driving back and forth, I had the most lovely evening, catching up with mum, having dinner, watching Kardashian’s. I was home late for a Wednesday but was nice to get out and do something different mid-week.

Getting The Happy News in the post – Last month I ordered The Happy Newspaper as the idea is beaut and thought that with everything going on in the world, it might be nice to receive some good news away from my phone. As the paper is quarterly, it finally arrived last week and it’s actually stunning – excited to get stuck in.

Catching up with Gabs – After work on Thursday evening, I caught the train to York for the weekend for my best friend’s wedding dress fittings. SO SO exciting and had such a lush evening in our pj’s talking everything wedding and life before a busy weekend. Exactly what the doctor ordered.

Wedding dress fittings and saying yes to the dress! – After a couple of days trying on tonnes of insane wedding dresses, Gabs finally decided on the one for her wedding day. Not only am I so grateful to have been part of the weekend, it was so nice seeing my best friend in all her glory and OMG the dress is just, unreal. PS. Also looks like the most stressful decision to ever make so was an insightful experience for when I force Charlie to marry me 😉

Picnic at the Angel of the North – The weekend involved lots of prosecco, lots of driving, lots of dress talk, lots of brunching and we ended Sunday after a day in Newcastle with a cute prosecco picnic at the Angel of the North. Such a lush day and a first for me as I’m usually very much stuck in London!

The morning with Leanne – I booked the day off on Monday to catch up on life admin but drove home in the morning to pick up Blue and stopped at my sister’s for a morning coffee and catch up. It had been a while since we’d seen each other and even if only for a little while, it was beaut to see her, see my nephew and fill each other in on life.


I had the nicest week and returning back to work today was a struggle. I’ve survived and excited for a different day tomorrow as I return to the office to work for the day (for the first time since March!) Will be a strange day but hopefully a nice one – I’m also taking the dog so yep, I’m that person now!

What has made you happy in the last week?

Catch up soon.


Author: rheawarren

28. London. Lifestyle Blogger. Addicted to coffee and cakes. Occasionally read a book or two.

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