Lockdown, despite being a result of a pretty devastating global pandemic, has had a number of blessings. We’ve all slowed down, taken some time off, some of us are now at home without the long commutes, there’s less pollution and general footfall and we’ve been forced to move a lot of daily activities online. Including our shopping. I’ve always been a big online shopper but as we haven’t been able to get out and about during lockdown, my online shopping habits have been erm, a bit mad.

Here’s a couple of gems I’ve brought and been loving:

Artificial flowers – I’m a sucker for an artificial plant and despite having a couple of real plant babies on the go, I can appreciate perfectly pruned artificial greenery. I’ve been on the hunt for artificial flowers for SO long but a lot of those that I find are super tacky and look obviously fake. I found these flowers on Amazon for £15 and whilst they are obvioulsy still a little on the fake side, I’m really impressed with how pretty they are, especially once you’ve stuck them in a vase and found them a home. The same bunch was also able to fill 2 vases which I’ve dotted around the flat so I’m buzzing about that.

New succulent baby– Sticking with the plant theme, my beaut friend Faye brought me a succulent as part of our housewarming gift and despite thinking they were unkillable, I somehow managed to kill it. Found a worthy replacement in Asda for £3 and stuck him in the same pot. Hopefully this lad lasts a little longer (excuse the badly manicured nails, they need some lockdown love)

Monopoly – Early lockdown, I invested in a good ol’ game of Monopoly but went for the Friends theme. Having a classic board game has literally saved our evenings indoors although Charlie does suspiciously win every bloody time so it may not save our relationship.

New rugs for the hallway/bathroom – If our flat lacks anything, it’s soft furnishings and so I was pleased to get a couple of rugs delivered from Wayfair to make the hallway a little cosier. We ordered a grey shaggy runner for the hall and a matching round rug for the living room (which then did turn up tiny so has found a temporary home in the bathroom. Both have made such a difference and feels a lot more like home. Plus, Wayfair’s delivery has been super speedy.

Disney range from Zara – Despite not really leaving the house, I have brought a couple of lounge wear pieces to avoid me actually wearing pjs as my working from home attire. I am OBSESSED with Zara at the moment and despite being 27, was completely sucked into the Disney range, picking up a Micky Mouse white jumper and this tee which I looove. Disney + Comfies = winning.

Frozen 2 – Talking of Disney, I also treated myself to the Frozen 2 blu-ray and yessss, I have watched on repeat over the past 2 months. Absolutely no shame.

New Vases from Next – I’ve always been a big fan of Next Home and during lockdown ordered a couple of cute vases that I likely didn’t need. Loooove this coral one that I’ve kept in the kitchen and the yellow one for the dining room. How many is toooo many vases? Asking for a friend.

Kinder Beuno’s – Not an online purchase nor is it an investment (other than to the waistline) but omg, rediscovered these bars of heaven during lockdown and haven’t looked back. Not sure they need any other explanation, they are just bloody delicious.

Russell Hobbs blender – Probably my fav purchase of 2020 so far, I won’t lie. For £20 from Argos, it’s such good value and we have lived off smoothies, frozen yogurt, iced coffees – the lot. Obviously not a contender compared to your Nutribullet and such the like but so chuffed with how fab it’s been.

Candles – Kept the flat full of lots of calming candles during lockdown and ordered some gems worth sharing. Obviously went for the standard Yankee candles (coconut and pomegranate and frosted vanilla being my new babes) but also loooove the home fragrances from Neom – their ‘be happy’ range is beaut and all completely organic and natural but is slightly on the pricier side. Whilst roaming Zara, I’ve also ordered a couple of their candles, ginger and white lily being the perfect match for our living room decor (cos sometimes it’s not even about the smell is it). I do have a candle addiction and I’m quite willing to admit it.

Bloom & Wild subscription – Treated myself a couple of weeks ago to a subscription from Bloom & Wild and it’s felt so nice having some more extravagant blooms in the house whilst working from home. Might not be a subscription I keep up but the flowers were beaut and being able to arrange them yourself was a super cute activity to pass half an hour of the day.


Given that these are only my favourite buys and not the entirety of it, it’s safe to say that my buying habits over the last two months have been a little bonkers but actually, I haven’t yet found myself buying anything too out of the ordinary so not quite reached the pit of lockdown (yet). It has been nice to treat myself whilst I can and having something to look forward to has been a big help in getting me through – delivery days are the best days. What about you? Have you been spending or saving?


Author: rheawarren

28. London. Lifestyle Blogger. Addicted to coffee and cakes. Occasionally read a book or two.

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  1. I am all about artificial flowers- look beautiful! We also purchased a blender and it has been a SAVIOUR in lockdown! My worst lockdown habit has been continually buying books when I have so many to read, eek!


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