Hi friends, hope you had a beaut long weekend. It’s Monday already and it’s safe to say that I’m fully back in work mode, furlough feeling like a distant memory. It’s funny that during my month off, I’d have given anything to have my routine back and yet, it’s taken only 5.5 days to feel like I need another bank holiday, or maybe just the holiday part.

The last week has all been a bit of a roller-coaster, lots going on at home, workload picking up, emotionally I’m drained – crying at adverts or because the ham in the fridge is out of date. Bored of my own company. Missing friends and family, missing normality. At the exact same time, I’m anxious about the day we can all eventually see each other again as I feel settled into this new life, worried I’ll miss it.

Yep, I’m a mess.

I’ve had to have some really upsetting conversations in the last week but as always, don’t like to spend too long dooming and glooming and so made a list of the things that have made me happy. Here goes it.

Starting a new book – I’ve started ‘One of us is lying’ by Karen M. McManus and it’s been so nice to read something easy, uncomplicated and gripping. I should have that finished this week to crack on with my 5th book of the year!


Scrolling through TikTok – Yes, I am 27 and told myself I wouldn’t download tiktok during lock down. Yes, I had a few gins and now obsessed. If I’ve had a down moment in the past week, I’ve loved aimlessly scrolling through tiktoks for a bit of an escape. Not 100% healthy as hours pass without even realising but it’s nice taking a minute to have a little laugh.

Getting back into a routine (kinda) I’ve added this to the list as whilst I’ve spent the intro today moaning about being back at work (from home, that is) I am grateful to have something to keep my mind busy and it’s nice to have colleagues to speak to again, a bit more of a morning structure and some separation into the evening when two weeks ago, the days would run into one.

Getting deliveries – Guilty. I’ve gone a bit mad this month with the online deliveries (absolutely buzzing to not have to to spend 90% of my wages on petrol to work) but every delivery day, is a good day. I think I’ll do a post sharing some of my favs from the past month so watch this space for that one.

Making healthy treats – Last week we discovered two new fav healthy alternatives. First is mango frozen yogurt which I’ve been loving, especially as the weather has been beaut. It’s basically frozen mango, frozen banana and greek yogurt all blended up and it’s divine. We also made some peanut butter and honey cheerio treats which are SO good and not 40595 calories so I’m buzzing about that.


Hugs and cosy nights – Had a real down day on Thursday, struggled with life and felt really useless and angry at the world. All I needed to feel better was a hug from Charlie, some time out and a cosy night watching Sex Education, inhaling Ben & Jerry’s.

Seeing family (from a distance) – Friday was VE day in the UK to celebrate 75 years of the end of the war and was also Charlie’s step mums birthday. The weather was beaut and given we haven’t left the house for 2 months other than the food shop, we drove to drop off her present on the doorstep. Was honestly so nice to see another human IRL, even if not for long (don’t worry Boris, we stayed 2m apart) and was a much needed pick me up for everyone. We ended the day with virtual VE & birthday celebrations, had a proper drink, played some virtual bingo and the whole day was just lovely.

Napping in the sun – Spent the afternoon reading in the sun on Saturday which was bliss. Not sure there’s anything better than that late afternoon sun, maybe around 4pm, falling asleep and listening to the birds. Napped for a good hour and didn’t even get a dodgy tan. The best cure.

Catching up with mum – I was relieved yesterday to wake up and have a good chat with mum which was needed after a tough week.

Lazy Sunday – I had planned to be super productive yesterday and get the flat cleaned and hoovered. Instead, I decided to take my own advice and chill out, get cosy whilst the rain was out, watch back to back films, read, eat cosy Sunday food and end the evening with Grey’s Anatomy and sticky toffee pudding – the dream.



It’s a new week and whilst I feel stressed at the world today and a little deflated at the news, I’m coping and ready for a new week, excited to get this all over with. I’d say I have lots planned, but I’ll just be here, taking it as it comes. What has made you happy this past week? 





Author: rheawarren

28. London. Lifestyle Blogger. Addicted to coffee and cakes. Occasionally read a book or two.

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