Okay, I get it. It’s half way through January so you may be thinking that this post is SO yesterday but you kid, are wrong. This is prime time for getting ourselves back into a slump. We start the year feeling so damn motivated to do better, be better and then a couple of weeks back at work go by, Christmas is a distant memory and we’re struggling to keep any resolution we swore we’d keep this year so here goes it.

A little bit of that well needed ‘get up and go’ to make sure that we’re staying sassy all through winter.

1. Make lists – As a project manager I LIVE for my to-do list. Note down all the things you’ve got to do today. Tick them off as you go – you’ll be feeling so chuffed the rest of these tips will feel eaaasy.

2. Drink water – I’m so guilty for not drinking enough water. I’m all over the caffeine but water does miracles when you drink enough.

3. There’s one thing that makes me feel instantly minging and that’s waking up with last nights make up on. SUCH an easy and delightful task and yet I act like my face will fall off if I dare treat it to bit of Emma Hardie.

4. I find it really difficult to make time to read but this year, find a good book and make the time. Get engrossed, fall in love, ditch the phone blah blah blah.

5. Have more baths – I am the bath queen and it’s amazing how getting home from work and running a bath instantly helps wind you down, one step towards kicking ass the next day.

6. Get some new bed sheets – new year, new sheets.. The perfect motivation for a fresh start and PLUS it’ll soon be time for spring sheets and open windows and freshly cut grass and that’s enough to get anyone going.

7. Buy yourself flowers – I’m telling you that not only does buying yourself flowers make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, just having them around the house will make you feel sassy. Until they die.. and then you have to replace them instantly because oh, the feels.

8. Get a YUYU in your life. Period pains? Sorted. Snowstorm outside? Get the Yuyu on. Need a spoon? Yuyu does the job. Spent the whole day chundering after too much red wine? Yuyu has got your back. The giant luxury hot water bottle helps when no one else can. I’m telling ya – it’s a NYE game changer.

9. Once you’re done with all that self love and pampering, book a holiday – because nothing gets you motivated like having something to look forward to.

10. Eat good food – Don’t feel guilty about eating out or spending money on good food. I’m making it my mission to eat better this year and more than that, eat what I love because you are what you eat, y’know.

Making 2017 the best and most productive it can be is about finding what you love and doing more of it, because you’re not gonna feel like a queen living a life you’re not happy with.

Get back out there girlfriends, I believe in us.


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28. London. Lifestyle Blogger. Addicted to coffee and cakes. Occasionally read a book or two.

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