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I’m a sucker for a lippy and LOVE buying new shades and actually, now that I’ve sat down with a cuppa rummaging through my make up bag, I’m not sure I buy them enough. I’m good at finding something I love and sticking with it, which is basically why I can’t be a real life beauty blogger 24/7 (and maybe the fact that I’m not actually sure what I’m talking about when it comes to make up, ever)

But here you have it, and in no particular order, my fav lippys and why.

N.B This isn’t sponsored by Rimmel, they just do a bloody good job.

1. Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate 107 – The most heavenly shade of Matte red you ever did see. It’s long lasting, you can wear it all year round and you can find it at the bargain price of £5.49 in most drugstores. SO forever loving it – evident by the measly amount I have left.

2. Mac Nutcracker Sweet So Good For You – I think this was part of Mac’s seasonal range and I of course opted for the pinky/red. This isn’t as long lasting as some of my other Mac’s but it’s moisturising, super pigmented and smells so devine. It’s also reduced at the moment due to Christmas being over and all that but I’m definitely not putting this away anytime soon.

3. Rimmel Moisture Renew Spin All Spring – Says it all in the name this one, SUCH a spring shade but is also beaut when you want a little  nude shine but gloss isn’t for you. This also smells like a Refresher which is enough reason to love it.

4. Charlotte Tilbury Glastonberry – Maybe my favourite of all lipsticks ever is this Queen by Charlotte Tilbury. If the brand doesn’t make you feel fab as it is, this dark purple works with anything and definitely a winner for this time of year. It isn’t great if you want it to last 10 hours at work by which point I usually look like I’m dying if I haven’t applied a top up 2857 times but it is super moisturising and smells of cocoa butter and duh, the shade is bloody beaut.

Charlotte Tilbury, Rimmel 16, Mac So Good For You, Rimmel Moisture Renew, Rimmel 107

5. Rimmel 16 Heartbreaker – I actually LOVE this even though it often takes a back seat behind 107. This red (and yes, I get it, I have a lot of red) is your shimmer option and if ya can’t have a shimmer red in your top 5 in Winter, then when can you?

I do usually love a nude but upon review not many made the cut. I have to say though, that notoriously I’ve always worn darker shades in Winter so maybe just check back in a few months to find me living in Maybelline nude lip pencils.

I’d looove it if you fancied leaving me a cheeky plug of your favs’ or if you know of any dupes, do please help a girl out. 

For now I’ll be swanning around in the same old shades until I of course, learn that 107 is basically the Shane Ward of the beauty blogger world and I’m nothing until I start wearing Kylie.


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