I come baring my usual sorry excuse of “I had all intention of posting this past month but…” I blame the heatwave for that. It’s Monday morning and I’m sweating in the office in places I didn’t know were possible (of my body… not places in the office, although come to think of it I wouldn’t rule that out either)

I’ve had a load of draft posts written (yes, that old chestnut) but truthfully I’ve felt like I just needed to enjoy a break in the sun for a little while and whilst it’s been so hot, it’s an achievement to think about actual work whilst I’m here, let alone find the brain power to come up with anything else.

Things have been really really good (money and job aside) I couldn’t tell you what I’ve been up in the past 4 weeks but I’d start with lots of BBQs, lots of Pimm’s, lots of football and Love Island, lots of getting on trains (My car’s out of action and I’m struggggling) and lots of wishing I was on holiday and not at work.

I’ve spent the past weekend at my Dad’s by the sea and for the first time attempted to sit out in the heat and finally got some colour. Yes, patchy sun-burnt pink counts. I had the most lush time relaxing and had a cute weekend with Charlie, which with football taking over our lives (Apparently It’s Coming Home?) was a much welcome weekend.

Now that I’m back at work and have a dreaded 5 WHOLE WEEKS before I get a full week off to get my camping boots on, I need serious help on how to survive.

Like, I thought it was illegal to work in an office when it was over 30 degrees nah? Or at least let us sack off the afternoons like they do in Oz. That’s Austrailia btw, not the Wizard’s hometown.

Things that are keeping me half going?

Ice Creams – I’ve ditched all kinds of calorie counting when it comes to my ice lolly/ice cream intake because I’m basically chain eating them.

Summery Plans – There haven’t been many weeks where I haven’t made nice plans to sit in the sun, get a few drinks down me and spend time with my favs – Massively helps when it’s Monday and I see no end.

Malibu and Pineapple – Made it’s 2018 debut last weekend and when you can get the lot in Lidl for £4.98, you wonder how life could ever be miserable.

Love Island – Haters gon’ hate but I’ve been taking it seriously and if counting down to 9pm gets me through my 9-5 then leave me to it.

Our Holiday Fund – Although it’s July and we haven’t got anything booked which hurts my soul, Charlie and I have been saving for a cheeky last minute getaway at the end of the summer which makes me exited to enjoy the sun in England and then get away when it all turns shitty. Just knowing a holiday isn’t completely out of the question makes me feel all happy inside.

My Next Sliders – Anyone that has kept up to date with my slider nightmare of this summer will be pleased I finaaaaallly found some gems that don’t tear my feet apart. Little black winners, £20 from Next – an actual life saver.


This week I’m gonna be praying to all the Gods to get my car back without it costing me all of my limbs and then have a cute double date at Blues Kitchen and a day at Ascot to look forward to. I’m not sure I even need to mention the Football which could change eveeeeerything come Wednesday.  Life is pretty up and down but I’ve made it my mission to try and ignore anything that is getting me down and living the best life.

I’ll be in touch soon, promiiiiiiise.



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