University taught me many’a things. Many things that I had no idea when accepting my second choice placement would shape me in the way that it has, and I’m not just referring to the extra two stone I put on eating super noodles and Domino’s Pizza. Can I get an AMEN for Two for Tuesdays in times of struggle btw.

It has been over 2 years now since I graduated and sometimes, I have to remind myself of a life that now, seems a million miles away. Having said that, with everyone receiving their A-level and University acceptance offers this week, I ache a little about how good it all was. You might remember (although probably not because it was way back when this blog was a baby) that I went through a little bit of a grieving period after graduating and you’ll find that post here (and plz excuse my post layout or anything I said – I was young and foolish)

Uni was by far the best thing I ever did and because I love a bloody good list and because the entire blogging community have got me reminiscing about three years of life that I genuinely wouldn’t take back for a second, I thought I’d share with you the things that Uni taught me. ‘Cos there is a whole bunch of fab (and not so fab) things.

And if you’re sat there with you’re a-levels unsure whether to take the plunge and move away from home, I’ma put it straight for you and tell you to get out there and just do it.

I promise it’s worth it.



*cue 2011 pre-drink soundtrack; probably something by Avici*

Getting fat is inevitable – I’ll just start by telling you the days of your 18 year old skinny self won’t last the first term alright, so you may as well just accept it now before you spend the month of September on some sort of pre-Fresher’s detox. I’m really sorry. RIP YOUTH.

Never again in your life will you get the chance to do nothing all day so make the most of it – Unless you’re off studying a disgusting degree, you’re probably looking at 4 hours a day max of lectures and 3 days off. Or maybe that was just my degree. YAY FOR ME. Make them count. And by make them count, I mean make cosy dens with your baes and watch every box set imaginable.


Getting a bug in halls is basically like getting Ebola (probably) Run for your life if someone gets sick, I’m warning you now.

You’ll make the bestest forever friends – Excuse me whilst I throw up in my mouth about this one but I can genuinely tell you that I left third year having made my bestest friends. No friends will ever know you as well as those you made during uni, I can guarantee it.

Making 400 friends in Fresher’s and leaving Uni with your housemates is okay – Believe it or not, your best friends in Fresher’s year may not be your best friends come Graduation. You learn things, grow, realise that most people are arse-holes and choose a handful that aren’t.

Living with boys is at your own risk – Although we were a little family and I wouldn’t change them for the world (we did question it a few times); living with boys, particularly in third year is minging and 98% of the time a pain in the arse. Just putting it out there. Although, they can also be just what you need when you’ve had a shitty day of lectures and want to come home to a laugh.

Getting to 100 in centurion is possible without dying (just about) – 100 shots of beer in 100 minutes. Oh, those were the days. So were the days of £1.99 bottles of Lambrini. Not even sorry.

Never again in your life will you wear so much fancy dress – Whether you decide to get involved with a social or not, which I definitely would, even if you avoid the activity at all costs and just turn up to the nights out; fancy dress is keeeeey. Although Trent seemed to be hot on it compared to a lot of other unis, I did graduate learning that the best nights are when you’re all dressed in bin bags or as fried eggs and haven’t had a care in the world about your hair or makeup.




Boys will always be mean when they want to be – Uni threw a few ‘broken hearts’ and unsuccessful ‘crushes’ at me. It also taught me how not to care what people think and be comfortable with my own decisions. Which for general life is a pretty fab thing to take away.

The debt isn’t important – Debt is different for everyone but now that I have graduated and have had to start doing the soul destroying thing of paying my student loan back, I realised that realistically, this is never going to get paid back in full unless I win the lottery, get adopted by Daddy Warbucks or start earning 100,000 a year. They also stick a very sneaky interest on that loan so I’d go to town with it. Get new clothes, go on holiday, buy ya books. Whatever. You have plenty of time to be a grown up, trust me.

2 years later as I sit on the train commute home from work, I realise that maybe I wouldn’t give my right arm to go back there and do it all again as I have fully embraced pension life, but the stories and friends and lessons I graduated with, will forever be something that I think about. I’m cute, I know.

Uni taught me to be independent, trust my instincts and be brave when it comes to new oppotunities. Uni taught me that getting the degree isn’t what it’s all about and that knowing how to down a snakebite is an equally important life skill. Uni taught me that I love washing up and that there isn’t therapy like it.

Nottingham Trent was a babe and I hope that wherever you’re off to, you have the best years and learn a little summin’ too.






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6 thoughts

  1. Loved this post! I’m in my second year of university, and I’ve already experienced more than half of this list! I really liked the points about boys and debt haha!

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  2. Don’t forget the cheeky power naps before seminars/lectures or come sept/ oct when there’s freshers flu flying around the campus or the cheapest pint you can get at the bar, we called it “purple” at Warwick uni but some call it snake bite. Oh gee this is bringing me back great memories, it’s been 6 years since I graduated!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahah the naps were literally my favourite thing! So funny that everyone’s uni experience is somehow different but a lot of things are still the same!!x

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