It’s been an entire week. I have been very useless this week friends and I can only really justify that with one excuse – Pretty Little Liars. I am not sure why I have never watched it before, but I am feeling slightly guilty (and not so guilty) about pressing play. I am now on season two and I am addicted. So, besides work. I haven’t left the house. I’m also poor and trying my very hardest to save every last penny I have as I have SIX WEEKS LEFT PEOPLE. But of course, in preparation for summer, and quite rightly, after a hard shift at work, I did make a little stop into Superdrug and picked up some high street essentials.

1. RIMMEL WAKE ME UP CONCEALER – I actually stopped buying concealers and foundation from Rimmel a while back. I just discovered that Benefit had such better coverage and suited my skin type so much more. Recently though, I haven’t been using my trusty erase paste as it’s a little too orange for my crazy pale face and I’m really loving the Wake Me Up Concealer in Ivory which is a classic and I’m pretty sure is the pale-ist you can get. Having a wand is heaven compared to applying concealer from the back of my hand and it is doing a pretty decent job as my out on the go highlighter.

IMG_0072_2 2. BOURJOIS PARIS COLOURBAND EYESHADOW & LINER (03 BEIGE MINIMALISTE) – I’ve always been a plain jane, I love my nudes and now that summer is upon us, I’m ready to add a bit of shimmer to my eyes and mix it up a bit. I love love love this Colourband by Bourjois and now need every shade. This one has undertones of gold and looks super pretty. It’s also waterproof and so has lasted so much longer than any of other eyeshadow I’ve been using. It’s also ideal being able to just apply straight from the pencil. My new fav.

3. BOURJOIS PARIS LINER STYLO EYELINER (42 BRUN) – I’m a big pencil eye liner fan, simply because I’m too lazy to muck around with felt tips or gel liner or winged eyes. In an attempt to branch out from the classic Kohl pencils, I’ve been trying some new bits out. I actually really love this, also from Bourjois. I love the shade in brown as it goes perfectly with nudes and golds and light shimmery pinks. It’s not as harsh on the eyes and it lasts forever. It also doesn’t end up on the top of my eye lids once I blink (you know what I mean, right?)

Literally so simple and all classic essentials for any make up bag. Sometimes, even the littlest buys can feed the cravings for retail therapy.

It’s ladies day next week so you will find me at the races sipping on champagne and trying to pull off a fascinator. You may also see some fancy cupcakes… stay tuned.



ps. I am constantly finding myself taking my blog photos too late and so do excuse the unwashed hair and bare face before bedtime. I am sadly not a professional.

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28. London. Lifestyle Blogger. Addicted to coffee and cakes. Occasionally read a book or two.

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