Happy Monday Friends. 

I can only justify my absence from blogging with one excuse, and that is the best ever excuse – Croatia. I have 27 days left until I fly off for the summer and have only two weeks left of work (helloo unemployment) and so, I have been slaving away serving food I can no longer afford to eat myself, spending my spare pennies on bikinis and backpacks, I have neglected baking for a lonely planet travel guide and have been trying so hard to ‘say no’ when it comes to the pub or a day out.

BUT. it was ladies day last weekend and so I took the opportunity to dress up to the nines and spend a bit of my well earned dollar. Here are a few cheeky snaps of what I wore and so on and so on.

11247714_10152756708271734_6599365017877490102_n 11407141_10152759291261734_2345005826313814412_n

I found my dress from Zara after such a stress and even though it probably isn’t for a gal with a bit of boob, I just thought it was really simple. The open back is to die for and I managed to leave the house without a bra on for the first time ever. Definitely the best feeling in the world. I am in love with my fascinator which I spotted in Debenham’s debut collection. Not cheap at all but so so pretty. I also picked up some nude heels from Primark for the bargain price of £10 which is handy, as I was stumbling around in flip flops by 4pm.

Such a lovely day drinking Pimms and eating croissants. And a drunken burger. And a portion of scampi and then a flapjack. If you live in or around London, the Investic Derby races is such a good one and definitely worth a go. Even if you do lose every race…


Also in life, I am thinking more and more about summer and will be posting a good few posts in the lead up to my trip so that you are super prepared for your summer holidays too. I have a spa day booked for my best friends birthday and I am slowly putting together piles of toiletries and key summer essentials. You can tell me I’m keen but I have always been too organised and too excited to leave it all until the day before. I have no idea how I’m going to fit it all into one bag. I want to take it all.

On a different note. I am still bloody learning to drive! My driving test is very very soon and I am tired of spending so much money, I had no idea how pricey getting a license would be but I’m crossing every finger and every toe that it goes well and that I will be cruising around in no time.

Sorry I have not been about, it has been tough trying to be sensible. I will be muuuuch better in the next few weeks and then I’ll be taking you with me to the beach!




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28. London. Lifestyle Blogger. Addicted to coffee and cakes. Occasionally read a book or two.

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