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Instagram: @rheawarren92


Founded in 2014, thehouseonthegreen is a lifestyle blog serving beauty, food and reviews. Created to refuel my love for writing after 3 years studying media and journalism, thehouseonthegreen has evolved into a growing community where I am able to share my views, review products and restaurants I love and document my life. As a PR friendly blog, I am happy to accept requests for reviews and brand mentions and would love to hear from you.

Disclaimer: All content is written entirely by myself unless stated otherwise. I take my own photography and will credit any imagery that isn’t my own. I often share many reviews of products or restaurants that have been completely purchased and funded by myself and for that reason, always give my honest opinion and will never endorse anything that I feel my readers will not benefit from. As of March 2016, anything marked with an (*) has been sent to me for review. I will not review or advertise any services or products that I have not tried or that do not compliment or reflect the nature of my blog.

Thank you, you lovely lot and I look forward to hearing from you.


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