Oh hey friends. Is it just me or is the whole of Instagram stay-cation-ing (yes, that’s a word) their way through 2020?

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE a beach holiday abroad. It’s been a few years for me now thanks to adult life, airline bankruptcies and the global pandemic so I’m very much counting the days until I can sit by a swimming pool with my book and pina colada, eating all the inclusive buffet and chain eating watermelon BUT (and that’s kind of a small, but) there is something about adventuring around the UK that I really really enjoy.

I’ve spent the past week in Hayling Island, which is a little island near Portsmouth off the South Coast of England. Myself and Charlie usually go camping with his family every year. We would normally take the trip down to Plymouth which I’ve loved but in a bid to stay a little closer to home this year and see somewhere different, we opted for a simple camp site in Hayling Island, called The Oven Campsite. Hayling Island (and Portsmouth) had so much to do and everything was super close by which was a bonus for a big group. I’ve had the best week and the break from normal life was very much needed. It’s my second camp trip of the year and I’m desperate to invest in my own tent so that Charlie and I can take the dog around the UK (and maybe even abroad) on our own camping adventures.

I grew up camping and caravaning. I’ve loved backpacking and being outdoors but the older I’ve got, it’s just become easier to opt for the all inclusive or hotel stays as it’s what I know, what I like. But given that 2020 has thrown all sorts of curve balls at us, being outdoors and finding little gems near home seem to be top of everybody’s list and something I’ve really loved.

Here’s why camping should be top of your travel to-dos:

The simple life – An obvious one and whilst there are a few things about camping that aren’t simple (waking up in the night for the loo, trying to miraculously get changed on top of an airbed, filling up the kettle from a tap two miles away) there’s something about setting up camp, spending the week away from too much digital, spending your evenings chatting and playing games that I love. Just being outdoors, no make up, hoodie on. Actual heaven (minus the wasp invasions)

Waking up and having a coffee – One of my favourite things about camping is waking up in the morning, listening to the hustle and bustle outside the tent as everyone wakes up for the day. After at least half an hour trying not to be defeated to get up for a wee, you eventually get up, desperate for the toilet, brew a cup of tea or a coffee and then spend the next couple of hours drinking endless cups of coffee in your camping chair. Ideal way to wake up if you ask me.

Grub life – Wearing the same comfy clothes, skipping a hair wash, managing to fill in only the eyebrows… You best believe a make up wipe ‘shower’ is also on the cards and it’s most welcome.

Rainy days – Hear me out. Throwing back to 2019 when we camped and torrential rain found it’s way inside our tent and caused havoc which was not my fav trip, BUT there’s something about being cosy inside your tent and listening to the rain that is really quite nice, providing your tent is fully weatherproof. Pop on a cheeky little episode of Kardashian’s (or trashy TV show of choice) to nap to and it’s pretty bliss.

Slower pace days – The days feel longer when you’re camping. Somehow we can cram so much more in and not have to rush. I love an easy morning, day out exploring to then home time to the tent for some dinner. Getting cosy after a day outdoors feels bloody good.

Late nights chatting – It doesn’t happen often so there’s something beaut about staying up around the camp, having late night chats, playing board games, drinking prosecco (occasionally hot chocolate) and spending actual time with family.

It’s a cheap way to see the UK – Whilst a week camping can definitely rack up after a few days eating out and exploring, overall it’s a pretty cheap way to get away (if you already have the kit!) You can often nab a pitch for no more than £30 a night so its perfect for a cheap weekend away.


I’ve had the nicest week and really really needed it to get my head together after a really stressful month. I’ve had time to think a little more about what I want from life and how I want to get there and I’m actually excited for the rest of 2020 (that’s if the world doesn’t go into lock down again) It’s been a strange year and I’m baffled how it’s almost September but I’ve loved being able to get away in the last couple of months. Who knows, next year we might even have our own little tent to explore away in (or an RV but I’m still waiting on my lottery win).

Catch up so soon.


Author: rheawarren

28. London. Lifestyle Blogger. Addicted to coffee and cakes. Occasionally read a book or two.

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