It’s been a minute!

The last month has been a little bit of a mad one. As the world has slowly started to return back to normal (ish). I’ve been out and about, had a couple of life changes, taken on new ventures and needed the time to just be in the moment. I’ve had the most beaut month, spending time with friends and family but truth be told, I’m already feeling a little burnt out.

I’ve struggled the last week or so. If lock down has taught me anything, it’s that time to focus on yourself is SO bloody important but with all of this time to think, I’ve put myself in panic mode wondering what the hell I’m doing with my life and where it’s going to take me. I’ve gone on full self discovery really trying to ask myself what I enjoy and want from life and what I want to let go. I’ve spent today really trying to find some extra head space and already starting to feel a little more free (or at least less of a blubbering mess)

ANYWAY – that was deep for a Tuesday, soz about me.

Here’s what I’ve been up to this past month:

In true old age pensioner style, I’ve invested in a couple of new houseplant babies and have been losing sleep (kinda) trying to keep them alive. Already killed my peace lily which is a bit heartbreaking, not going to lie.

I’ve started a new business venture, designing and selling greeting cards. This one has been BIG. I’ve invested so much time (and money) in creating a brand that I love and getting creative. It has been so good for the soul and whilst we have only just kicked off, hope that I get the opportunity to grow the brand and get creative with all of my craft project ideas. Would LOVE if you can go support me by purchasing a card on Etsy – everyone needs a card collection let’s face it 😉 VISIT MY ETSY SHOP

Invested in a new tablet – Always wanted one, kinda just thought fuck it last month and ordered the new Samsung Lite tablet – not sure how I ever lived without it tbh. I’m obsessed.

Watched Hamilton – spent a Saturday evening with a glass of red watching the Broadway show on Disney+ and it was just fab.

Ventured out for Sunday club with my best friends to Waverley Abbey and had a walk through Farnham. Such a cute date walking for miles, having a picnic, getting attacked by flying ants and eyeing up all the cute independent shops. REALLY need more Sunday club in my life.

Given that the universe has now cancelled two of my booked holidays, we’ve decided to give it another go and book a little winter sun getaway in December with Charlie’s sister, partner and little baby. I’ve never been away during December so super excited for something different and my God, what I’d do for a pina colada by a swimming pool is unreal.

I drove up to the peak district for the weekend to go camping with my fav, Gabs. Honestly the best weekend and needed it SO bad. On our arrival day, we set up camp, opened up the red, made a lush spag bol and then Gabs surprised me by asking me to be her MAID OF HONOUR – Absolutely buzzing and so excited for the next year to get stuck into all Bridesmaid duties. It literally made the weekend. On day two, we woke up to a rainy one but went for a hike around Stanedge – still super pretty and despite basically dying up the hills, really glad we got out. We returned to camp, snuggled up in the tent with a film and had a nap because napping in a tent whilst it’s raining is the cosiest thing ever. We spent the evening, eating fish and chips from the chippy and sinking a couple of bottles of prosecco. On home day we ventured into the town of Castleton which was super cute. We got some breakkie, had a wander through the cobbled streets and got an ice cream before saying bye. The most lovely weekend with my best friend.

We got a dog! Big life news that Charlie and I have taken in my family dog that was previously living with my mum. She’s a right cutie and being truly spoilt but it’s been so nice having her and she is the perfect excuse to get out for a walk for the day. Even managed to convince Charlie to walk to the river for the first time in the year that we have lived here. I did have to throw in a beer at the pub though.

Date night – Last weekend, Charlie and I decided it was finaaally time to venture out for date night. We don’t do it often enough but was so nice to get out, have a few drinks, get dinner and really catch up. Plus, drinks by the river are literally my favourite thing – don’t worry, the dog had date night with our neighbour who took her to the park for the evening which she was absolutely elated by.

Had a busy Saturday for one of my fav girls, baby shower – such a lovely day with my favourites from school. Topped the day off by sinking too many gins, doing obstacle courses and playing flip cup at our friend’s party. The best weekend. Followed by a very long and hungover Sunday – was in bed by 8pm like a right granny.


Told ya there was a tiny bit to catch you up on. August should be a really beaut one, we’re off camping with Charlie’s family, got lots of birthday plans and might even have some cheeky bank holiday celebrations planned. I’ve been super stressed so far this week so hoping to take things a little slower, catch up with friends and family and focus on what’s keeping me happy.


Author: rheawarren

28. London. Lifestyle Blogger. Addicted to coffee and cakes. Occasionally read a book or two.

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