Hi friends, I’m late posting this one – I had the week off which was absolute bliss but returned back to work (from my home office of course) on Wednesday and haven’t had a second since. My brain is FULL and I cannot believe that we’re now in July. Where is this year going plz?

Despite being a little late, I had the cutest week so thought I’d fill you in. As always, I find it so helpful to reflect, note what I’m grateful for and the things that have made me happy. Kinda helps me realise what’s actually important when I’m stressing. Here’s last weeks:

Going for long walks – I’ve been trying to make an effort to get out and go for a walk everyday as we live by so many beaut walking routes. Last Monday, I opted for a new walk and then sat in Syon Park with my book for lunch. Was SO nice getting out, watching the world go by and felt like I’d already accomplished something at the start of the week. Go me.

Having a spring clean – I ended my Monday by having a mad spring clean which was unusually satisfying for a Monday evening. There’s something about having a clean and tidy whenever the sun is out that feels SO good. Rainy days like today? No chance.

Days out in the garden with my book – We experienced the hottest day of the year in London last week and I made it my mission to sit out in it with my book and a malibu and pineapple, taking time out, having naps in the sun. The time off work was lush and much needed but I did struggle to last the whole day without completely melting (or without chain eating ice lollies and watermelon)

Night in with spag bol and Grey’s Anatomy – Charlie returned to football last week so got the night in to myself. Made a beaut spaghetti bolognese, got cosy and watched back to back Grey’s Anatomy – the epitome of a chilled evening.

Making cupcakes – Baking is the ultimate therapy and last week spent the day making cupcakes in prep for my Nephew’s birthday. I also whipped up a last minute banana bread (of course) Anyone else find baking super relaxing? (I do need to stop making cakes before I’m 80 stone mind)

Feeling inspired – I had a business idea last week that came to me at 10pm whilst watching Black Panther. I spent hours that night jotting ideas down and despite not being able to sleep, it felt so nice to have my brain focus on something I enjoy. Watch this space 😉

Luke’s 10th birthday – Had a family day last Friday for my nephew’s birthday. We all ventured to the park for a mini BBQ which was beaut. A mad rainfall did interrupt the party in the park but Charlie and I went back to my sisters and sat chatting until midnight – a lush day.

Driving to see Dad – On Saturday I drove up to the coast to spend a couple of days with my dad who I hadn’t seen for 6 months due to Covid. A few days by the sea was well needed, even if the weather let us down it was nice to relax, visit the beach, get an ice cream, watch movies, cuddle up with the dogs, visit my Nan and Granddad and my brother. Just what the doctor ordered.

A long bath – Anyone that knows me knows that I love a good bath but when moving in to our flat, my bath days were behind me. I have been CRAVING a chilled evening in the bath and whilst at my Dads, I got the bubbles out, lit a candle and sat in the tub with my book for a full hour. Actual heaven.

Mooching around Home Bargains – On Monday I popped to town with my step sister whilst my dad was at work and spent a couple of hours in Home Bargains and The Range. It’s the first time since Covid that I’d popped to a shop that wasn’t a supermarket so you can imagine my excitement. Why is The Range so fab plz?


It’s been a good week, filled with family which was really needed. I’ve been back at work for 2 days and already looking forward to a cosy weekend in at home. I need to get stuck into my book and finish that, in true old age pensioner style I’m picking up a new hoover which I am buzzing about, I’ve got lots of Grey’s to watch and might even cook up a roast dinner. Bliss.

What has made you happy?


Author: rheawarren

28. London. Lifestyle Blogger. Addicted to coffee and cakes. Occasionally read a book or two.

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