Morning friends, happy Friday!

If like me, you haven’t had a routine for the past few weeks, the days might feel like they all roll into one, I generally have no idea what day it is but there’s something about Friday that still makes me feel like the week is over, makes me feel ready to wind down. The suns out, I’m gonna sit in the garden with endless sangria, read my book, play games and day dream about life after lock down.

It’s getting to that stage isn’t it? I’m 5 weeks in and I’m beginning to forget what normal was like before this. In the grand scheme of things, 5 weeks isn’t all that long and April has flown by but it feels like a lifetime ago that I popped to my mum for a cuppa, did the hour commute to work, had brunch with the girls or a party with our friends. I haven’t seen my dad in 4 months when I would usually plan Easter weekend by the seaside. I haven’t seen my nieces and nephew or my brothers and sister. I haven’t had lots of sunny BBQs with the in-laws or Friday work drinks in the pub garden. I’m grateful for Charlie but feel sad when seeing families isolating together, craving company. Despite trying to be as positive as possible throughout all of this and making the most of the break, its draining to think that this is the new normal and we’re not entirely sure when we can all be together again.

Don’t wanna be a Debbie downer (soz about me) but I think the reality of ISO is getting to everyone now.

I popped to Superdrug last week (or might have been the week before, who knows) to pick up a parcel of essential toiletries. I queued, as we do now, the lady at the front escorted me to my desired isle to buy hand wash and then to the till – the whole experience was bizarre but the walk from the car park and through the high street gave me butterflies. The sun was out and I felt SO excited for the day I can roam the high street freely, find new restaurants, wander along the river without feeling guilty that it isn’t proper exercise, pop to Superdrug to look at the makeup just because I fancy it. I’m excited for life after this.

There’s absolutely no doubt that we’ll come out of it all feeling grateful for life, appreciating everything we probably took for granted only two months ago. My bucket list is starting to stack up and I’m slowly seeing lots of ‘what are you looking forward to once this is over’ questions. Kinda like we can all see the end.  So here’s mine:

Buy a BBQ and host the most perfect summer party with our friends and family.

Pop to mum’s to see the new garden and my dog (and the rest of my family)

Drive to the seaside to see my dad and my grandparents. Force them to drive here so that we can explore Richmond and the beaut parks.

Bottomless brunch with the girls x10.

Organise a break with the uni girls and finally meet up after our London trips have been postponed.

Go to the opticians to get my eyes re-tested. Maybe finally look into laser surgery.

Finally pluck up the courage to go to the dentist.

Go to an actual yoga class, with real people.

Spend a Saturday at my sisters, catching up, doing little other than eating all her food and chain drinking coffee.

Go to the garden centre to buy lots of plants and pots for my windows.

Go swimming.

Book a holiday with Charlie.

Go camping.

Go out for dinner x100.

Continue reading lots and make progress on my creative writing journey.

Do all the decorating/up-cycling that I said I’d do during lock down but haven’t.

Buy a drill so that I can do said decorating.

Visit Port Lympe animal reserve with our free tickets.

Organise an end of summer work reunion.

Spend a day in London, roaming the shops.

Take long walks along the river.

Go to Malta (praying it all goes ahead)

Have a belated VE party.

Get my nails done.

Get my hair done (helloooo roots)

Buy some new white trainers to leave the house in.

Have lots of day dates, exploring new areas.

Go to the cinema.

Book a theatre show.

Host a games night (unless we’re all gamed out)

Go food shopping without the pressure of getting out of there ASAP.

Go to a big Next Home to window shop.

Have lots of sleepovers and nights with the girls.

Go for a coffee.

Have a picnic and Pimms in the park.


I think you probably get the picture but I’m sure I could go on. The next couple of weeks are a little unknown and we all know it’ll take a long time to get back to true normal. Right now, I’ll carry on at home, making the best of it, drinking my sangria in the sun, thankful that I have the space to even be able to do that, waiting for the day I can get in my car for a long drive, go back to work and have a cuppa with friends and family. Nothing crazy, just a catch up. That’s all I really ask, right now. What about you?



Author: rheawarren

28. London. Lifestyle Blogger. Addicted to coffee and cakes. Occasionally read a book or two.

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  1. This was a great blog to read! Glad you’re looking forward to freedom after this and this will be over soon if we all do our part!

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