The fact that it’s mid March literally blows my mind, but it’s been a while – I’ve been busy but I’m back in the office after 2 days off work feeling draaaained and I think I might be slowly becoming normal* again.

*I use the term normal loosely.

But hey, the sun is out and despite not leaving my house yesterday, it was 16 degrees outside which is basically tropical. I can reeaaally feel that Spring/Summer is near by and I’m absolutely buzzing for it. 100% in need of some Vitamin D, pub garden days, endless salads (because the healthy eating hasn’t exactly gone to plan over the last month), spring flowers and my God, the excitement to get my washing on the line to dry outside is up there with the excitement of spring cleaning. The excitement is high, in case you are confused.

The last month has been mental, non stop but also so fab that my heart hurts a little.

We ended February with my best friend’s charity ball that is hosted every two years for the Alzheimer’s Society – it’s something that is so close to home so love that we are doing our bit and raising money for a cause that is often forgotten about (ironically) and isn’t treated in the same way as many other horrendous diseases. We had such a good night, ate lots, drank lots, raised lots, danced a lot and I won the raffle which made my night. I am so so proud of my best friend and her family for hosting the best event for charity, each and every time.

Charlie and I also milked the weekend of the ball to stay in a spa which honestly, was heaven. There’s something about just chilling in your swimsuit, after a swim, on a lounger, reading a mag and God, what I would do for a few hours back there. PS. It was an absolute diamond cure for a hangover, something that Charlie really needed after a few too many beers…

After the chaos of the ball, I struggled through a week of work and then joined my whole family last weekend and drove up to Milton Keynes for my uncle’s 60th birthday. We arrived and went for lunch (and a very hungover brunch on Sunday) and after a couple of hours back in our rooms to get ready, went to the party and drank until 6am – probably not sensible but the nicest night with family. Charlie and I stayed in another hotel (bankrupt now, don’t you worry) which was lush, I even had my first bath since moving out which had I not been so hungover, might have been a highlight of the year. I loved every minute of the weekend and came home to naps on the sofa, leftover food and Netflix – absolute bliss.

For the first time in a long time, I feel so completely happy and in love. I’ve got pennies to my name, skint as always and I’m absolutely drained with 9-5 but actually when at work, I’m really enjoying it and excited for what’s to come. I’ve lost a whole extra pound on my weight loss journey, I went for a RUN and exercised daily but I’ve slowly returned to late night pizza and chips, sweets and cake – ready to get back on the band wagon now that all of my events involving a lot of alcohol are thankfully over. I’m binge watching Netflix and also started the Kardashian’s from season 1 which has been a right throwback. I’m enjoying a book club and already this year read 2 bloody books – a whole 2 more than last year. I’ve recently joined and then left choir as my heart doesn’t feel in it this time around. I’ve joined the weekly fake tan club (an unofficial group) and can confirm that even having a slight tan both improves confidence with any wobbly bits and smells fantastic. I’m also getting busy reviewing some fab places, with a few events in the pipeline and working on getting a lot more sleep.

I have some really beaut plans for the next couple of the months and ready to get Spring started, holidays paid for and parties planned.

Bring it all on.



Author: rheawarren

28. London. Lifestyle Blogger. Addicted to coffee and cakes. Occasionally read a book or two.

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