A month ago, I hung up my boots and said ‘no’ to the biscuit isle. I’ve meal planned, avoided the exciting shelf in Lidl, the one with all the random shit like super rare American hot chocolate or donuts shaped like unicorns (you know the one I mean, right??) I’ve steamed a lot of veg, I’ve hidden a lot of veg in dinners for Charlie and he annoyingly always knew. We’ve gone veggie one or two nights a week and I even ordered a vegan burger when out which was a momentous occasion. I’ve lived off jelly and mint tea anytime I want something half exciting and I’ve tracked every fucking calorie known to man.

It has been 4 weeks and I’ve lost 2lbs, 2 fucking pounds.

Weight aside, (because let’s be honest, with the exception of walking, I’ve done 1 20 minute high intense workout and by week 3, was sneaking the odd bit of birthday cake in and YES, maybe I did order a Domino’s once on a hangover and relapsed so bad one time that I ate a whole bag of Milky Bar mini eggs in secret from the petrol garage… so I’ll pick my battles), ASIDE FROM ALL OF THAT,  I do actually feel healthier and mentally feel better about the choices I’ve make 85% of the time – which then makes me feed good in general so it’s not all doom and gloom. Obviously not possible according the scales but I do feel less ‘big’, particularly in the face. I’m wondering whether it may just be because I’m eating better wholefoods and so overall feeling less bloated. I’ve had a better routine and whilst I’ve still had opportunities where I’ve treated myself, I feel like it’s been a realistic change to my diet, which I guess comes with slow progress!

What have I struggled with?

I’ve been really good at trying new healthier snacks, I made various homemade oat bars and I’ve opted for a shit tonne of fruit, but I’ll be honest – the 3pm snack is a real challenge and a cup of mint tea or an oat bar isn’t always doing it for me. Dessert time in the evening is also another killer, as much as I love a bit of jelly and I’m enjoying coconut milk ice lollies as evening treats, now that I’m 4 weeks in I am REALLY craving sweet treats like donuts or sticky toffee pudding. I’ve occasionally opted for a couple of squares of dark chocolate and some strawberries for dessert which is a dream and my God, the strength to only eat 2 squares should be a talent.

Serving sizes – I never really thought my portion sizes for main meals were particularly beast until I actually paid attention to recommended serving sizes. Wholegrain pasta for example is something like 80g a serving. For anyone that can’t appreciate how small that is, it’s basically the size of a handful. And I have small hands. Same goes for rice which feels incredibly tiny when having a curry. Who eats this little plz?

What have I loved?

I’m really enjoying my fruit – gimmme berries, grapefruit and bananas all day every day and I’d probably be a happy gal (maybe)

Trying new meals – Finding new healthier alternatives, cooking from scratch and creating a bit more of a plan on what to eat each week has made all the difference and I’m really enjoying trying new things. It’s kept dinners for the week interesting and never seen so much green in the fridge – much to Charlie’s dismay!

Tracking calories aren’t for everyone and as a disclaimer likely not a long term solution but I have enjoyed actually paying attention to what I’m putting in my body. For the majority of days, I find it quite difficult to stick to a 1200 calorie intake even if I’m eating ‘good’, wholesome food and limit on snacks, but it’s more the accountability of mindless eating that I’ve found useful. I know I can’t sit there and eat a whole bag of Mini Eggs (not that that always stops me) because in doing so, I can see straight away that I’m eating way more than shit than I should be, I’ve put it on paper and can see how this might be ‘too much’ so I’ll try and limit myself, set myself a portion and put the rest away (most of the time). Without tracking my food, I think I’d find it easier to binge.


Overall this month has felt good – my skin reached real lows and I’m not entirely sure if that was down to diet change or just a coincidence but I’ve ended the month with thankfully clear skin that’s starting to feel good, clear and soft (now just need a tan plz). I’ve found I’m drinking less caffeine, relying less on coffee throughout the day and using green tea and fruit to boost my levels which amazingly seems to be working. I moan that I’m always tired but actually I don’t think I am in comparison. I’m up for more, less lethargic and able to stay awake past 10pm – just about.

I obviously want to put a disclaimer here that I have absolutely no fucking clue what I’m doing – but I’m trying new things, finding what works for me and that might mean making a few nutritional mistakes so please don’t @ me.

It hasn’t been a month of hell like I had expected, let’s put it that way. It takes 66 days apparently to kick start a habit so I’m going to spend the next couple of months finding the right balance and will hopefully, eventually start seeing some results. Even if I can just eat less shit and curb a few cravings, I’ll be happy. It’s been a good start.

Welcome any tips or motivation!



Author: rheawarren

28. London. Lifestyle Blogger. Addicted to coffee and cakes. Occasionally read a book or two.

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