January is almost over kids, we’ve made it. Kinda.

The last week has been touuuugh, just felt really out of sorts, bored, emotional, fed up with money and life and my body (my skin is going mental at the moment and struggling with how to deal with it) I need a fresh start as January really sucks. On the bright side, diet is going well – I’ve really enjoyed eating better, making wiser choices and trying new foods – we’ve even tried a few veggie meals which I thought might be impossible living with a 27 year old fussy eater. Weight loss is slow but it’s loss all the same, feel happy not letting myself get too caught up in the scales and focusing on what’s making me feel good. Despite the actual getting up and going to work part (I AM BORED OF 9-5 AND LONG JOURNEYS PLZ), work has been pretty positive and I’m hoping for a good year. I’ve got some really exciting 2020 plans that I keep forgetting about and need to take a moment and acknowledge that I’m going on abroad for a summer holiday this year after a couple of years break – it might only be a few days, but my god, I need the sun. Life is okay, it’s just me – worrying about nothing.

I have however rounded up a few beauts that I’ve been loving in January, cos can’t all be doom and gloom can it?

Banana Egg pancakes – you wanna bet come Saturday morning that this is what I’m having for brekkie. SO good, so simple. 1 egg, 1 mashed banana in the pan, topped with berries, a small drizzle of maple syrup (cos I’m not a crazy person and going without) and a few almonds. THE best discovery and sweet treat for the weekends.


The Crown – With all the Royal news of late, I thought it was about time I started The Crown on Netflix. I’m halfway through season 1 and really enjoying it. It’s nice to be glued to something other than One Tree Hill which currently consumes 80% of my life. Recommending The Crown for anyone looking for a drama, the most fab set and costume design and an hour of pure Royal gossip (plus Matt Smith as Prince Phillip)

Our coffee machine – A game changer in our house. I got us a Bosh Tassimo as a joint Christmas present and we’ve whizzed through lattes, cappuccino’s and I’m loving the hot chocolates for a low calorie, evening treat.

This Topshop skirt – Purchased last month and basically live in it. On the look out for more midi skirts that I can jazz up or wear on the casual.


Reading before bed – I’ve had a few nights off here and there but really enjoying making an effort to read a chapter before going to bed, not only has it helped me switch off a little better, it’s giving me a ‘bedtime’ instead of aimlessly scrolling until the lights go off.

E45 – I’ve had real issues with my skin this month and was recently told it’s Pityriasis. I’ve been using E45 on my body and made a really quick difference, really helping relieve any itching which has been TERRIBLE. Annoyingly, I now have it all over my face and the E45 doesn’t seem to agree too much up there so on the hunt for a gentle moisturiser. Not that I’m enjoying my current situation AT ALL but any excuse to spend an hour in Superdrug and I’m there – silver linings and all that.

Podcast audio drama’s on Spotify – took me a second to get used to them but currently listening to ‘Blood Ties’ a drama podcast and enjoying my morning commute more than I would do. It’s basically like listening to a Netflix series. Excited to find some good’uns.


That’s it for January – other highlights have been visiting the girls in Blackpool, deep cleaning the flat, family Sundays, returning to Choir, drinks with work and discovering butternut squash is really fab in a curry.



Author: rheawarren

28. London. Lifestyle Blogger. Addicted to coffee and cakes. Occasionally read a book or two.

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