Happy Monday!

We are a week away from Blue Monday, which for anyone that doesn’t know is apparently the most depressing day of the year.  I’m poor, its dark ALL of the time, there’s 39499 days in the month, Summer, never mind next Christmas seems years away, we’re all in a deficit from the massive calorie binge and late nights over the break, I haven’t got a tan and we’re all counting the days until the next bank holiday.

I could probably go on but I’ll save that for next week.

In a bid to keep spirits high, hold myself accountable and keep track of all the good, I’ve made note of the things that made me happy last week. I did get ill which didn’t get the year off to the best start but thankfully, the extra couple of days sorted me right out and I’m back, ready to complete January and complete it, sane.


I spent the Sunday before last cleansing the flat from Christmas and was the best feeling ever. I thought I’d be devo’d to see the tree go (and a little part of my heart did feel empty) but it felt so good giving the flat a good clean, getting things back to tidy and my god, the flat looks HUGE again.

Writing my line a day and kick starting my second a day – For my secret Santa at work this year I was given one of those 5 year memory journals where you write a short entry every day for 5 years. I’ve loved ending the day with a bit of reflection and although only 13 days in, already excited to look back at it. I also dug out my old ‘second a day’ video from 2 years ago which was beaut, giving me the inspiration to whack out the video camera again. I’m struggling to remember to do it but will keep going because I know how much its worth it after the year’s up and you have a whole year worth of second long memories.

A fever and cold struck me on Tuesday and had a couple of sick days – whilst being ill isn’t too great, I did appreciate the extra rest, in front of the TV. Something about sick days that make you appreciate being bored. Or is that just me?!

Had a 4 hour phone call with Mum this week which was needed after a busy couple of weeks. We like a long phone call and it was lush but maybe 4 hours was verging on excessive…. Maybe.

Last week we fully kicked off our healthy eating and actually, really enjoying it. We’re finding new healthy alternatives, cooking slightly better meals and tracking our food is already making a big difference. We did eat cake on Saturday but knowing the rest of the week has been super healthy, made it that much better. Baby steps!

Watching ‘You’ – We started and finished season 2 of ‘You’ on Netflix which everyone, including us is obsessed with. SO good, so creepy and suchhhh a twist. Get it on your list.

On Friday, I had a day of client meetings and the best kind of meetings; the ones that involve lunch. It was a productive day and felt good getting out of the office for some good food.

On Saturday, we went over to Charlie’s dads for his step brothers birthday celebrations. Was a cute evening catching up with family although I did have too much prosecco (lets not count those calories).

Despite my hangover, I spent Sunday being productive, doing housework (the weather was beaut so that helped) and I finally washed my car! Basically took 3 hours but my god, it needed it. And weirdly do quite enjoy the satisfaction of cleaning it myself – kinda.

We brought a couple of new prints from Desenio for the living room which we hung over the weekend and instantly feel like the room feels less white and so homely.


Last week was a good one. Enduring a full week at work this week will be a struggle but feeling motivated to get it done. I’m then off to Blackpool for the weekend to visit the girls and celebrate my best friend’s engagement so I’m buzzing for that. Roll on Friday!

What has made you happy in the last week?



Author: rheawarren

28. London. Lifestyle Blogger. Addicted to coffee and cakes. Occasionally read a book or two.

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