Happy New Year friends – anyone else back to work and absolutely knackered?

I started the year yesterday (because the 1st was a write off due to severe hangover) awake, felt motivated, spent the day getting organised, planned my life and it felt good. In the hope that this kick of motivation would continue, I got up again for work today (as you do) and I suddenly feel like a tonne of bricks. My throat is sore, I feel achy, I can barely keep my eyes open, it’s 10am and I’m on the turmeric tea to try and cure me. It’s Friday, second day back at work and I am already so ready for the weekend.

Work is dead and as much as I appreciate the ease back in for 2020, I don’t think that’s helping – craving my fluffy blanket, sofa and a Harry Potter marathon (alongside a nap, obviously) Whose bright idea was it to come back to the work on the 2nd, huh??

Anyway, this isn’t really how this post was meant to turn out… It’s 2020 and I have a few things I want to hold myself accountable for. I don’t really like calling them new year resolutions, but I guess we can call them ‘goals’. It feels like the first year I actually mean them too (hahah hard to admit) I’m terrible at sticking with new habits, always say I’ll do these things and never do and I’m sick of it, truth be told. I’m ready to actually mean it. Go out and do it. Make changes.

NB: Advance apologies to anyone that hates the ‘new year, new me’ phase – I feel ya. Now get over it. Here are my goals for the next year;

Healthy eating and weight loss – I’ve battled for a while with my weight, stress eating being a big part of the last 2 years. I wish I felt comfortable in my own skin (and maybe I’ll do a post on that soon) but until I shed a little bit of the chocolate weight and start feeling fitter (and I mean healthier) I know I’ll continue to struggle with my confidence. From Monday, Charlie and I hope to get the greens in and ditch the biscuits for a healthier year. That doesn’t mean we can’t treat ourselves every now and then but getting healthier, eating less meat and losing some weight this year is a priority for me.


Read more – It’s on my list every bloody year, but I really mean it this time. Thia year is off to a good start as I get stuck into a new book and excited to make the time to do more reading. I want to fall in love with it again and maybe do some more writing. Any juicy book recommendations, welcome.

Get ahead with my savings – Money is always a touchy subject and whilst I budget and have a clear monthly plan every month (something lots of people don’t have) I’m not the best with my money once all the bills are paid. I did however, spend last year really trying to get rid of some of the nasty debt I had and I’m entering 2020 without any credit cards, no loans and a fresh start (almost). This year, I want to save some money for myself and encourage Charlie to try and do the same. I want to start thinking ahead, save some money for us and do something fab with it. I opened a helptobuy in November last year and although buying isn’t at all priority, it’s certainly a start to put some decent money away when we can.

Do more for me – I want to be more selfish with my time this year. Do the things I want to do, see more, be outside. Host dinner parties and games nights, go for walks, wash my car more times that it was washed in 2019, get my nails done, have BBQs, see more of my friends and family, have lazy days – live more of a want to life and not a ‘have to’.


I’m not sure what will come of 2020. I have some exciting plans, off on holiday to Malta for a few days, I have my best friend’s engagement to celebrate, I’m hoping to continue to grow at work and get a cheeky pay-rise and book a couple more getaways, I have a couple of hotel stays planned and off to my lovely friend’s charity ball, I’m booked to see the Jonas Brothers (not sorry) and ready to start planning for the next decade.

I’m coming for ya.



Author: rheawarren

28. London. Lifestyle Blogger. Addicted to coffee and cakes. Occasionally read a book or two.

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