Happy Tuesday kids.

BLOODY HELL its cold – think Winter has officially hit. This morning was the first morning I thought I may not get away with wearing just a t-shirt under my coat and whilst this truly breaks my heart, it did excite me waking up to insane fog and white icy grass (Am I a weirdo plz?) With icy grass  and -1 mornings on the cards, it does look like a trip to buy some winter jumpers is on the cards which is obviously exciting (sorry bank account)

I took the day off work yesterday as after an emotional last week, not quite feeling myself, I needed an extra day to get myself back in shape, didn’t feel quite right both physically and mentally. So be it a day late, I’m back at work today to start the week fresh, ready to be productive. I have felt SO Christmassy in the last week and as my favourite time of the year I hope I can get out of my phunk a little and take time to remember all of the good at the moment, the things that make me happy.

One – Sunday with mum

Kicking off the last week, I spent the Sunday before last out with mum, something we’ve been trying to do regularly to treat ourselves and catch up. We had a 241 lunch at Zizzi which is my guilty pleasure so that was a dream (hellooo king prawn linguine) and then we had a look round the shops. I haven’t been to a Primark in 39483 years so popped in there, picked up some new boots and some bras and made a little extra dent into the Christmas shopping. All in all it was a perfect Sunday.

Two – Making it to season 3 of One Tree Hill

Anyone that knows me, knows that I spent the majority of my childhood and twenties so far, obsessed with One Tree Hill. Recently I decided to whack out my box sets and re-watch the seasons from the beginning for the 17,000th time. Of course, Charlie started the series with a moan on, requesting that I turn the shit off but not before long, the episodes caught his attention and his concern for Nathan and Haley’s relationship began to be questioned (although he tried to deny it) – we’re now fully committed and made it to season 3 (my fav season btw) Only 6.5 to go!

Three – Our Christmas baubles arrived

Last week saw the arrival of our first Christmas decorations (baubles and stockings and all) and I am buzzing for it. I’ll take this time to admit last week was also the first week of the Michael Buble Christmas album and I may or may not have watched two Christmas films. Not even sorry.

Four – Cosy nights in with the candles

I had a couple of well needed nights to myself last week to stick the candles on, eat tonnes of chicken nuggets, get cosy under the throws and watch as much emotional TV/film as I possibly could – Shout out to Ant and Dec’s DNA journey for the endless tears. It was bliss. (P.S I’m welcoming any candle donations you may wish to give over the Christmas period as I basically burn one a night and my stock is running low – plz and thanks)

Five – Finished the first book in forever

I’ve kicked myself a lot this year for not reading enough, and admittedly needed help from an Audio book on the commute to work to get through this one but I’ve stopped making the time to read and it upsets me. That being said, I did make it to the end of ‘City of Girls’ by Elizabeth Gilbert that my neighbour let me borrow and I loved it. Need some book recommendations as reaaally want to get stuck into a new one!

Six – Opening a help to buy

Don’t laugh because I’m quite aware that half of my friends either already own their first home (how plz?) or be well into their savings, but last week was a big week as I finally took the plunge to open a help to buy account whilst I still can. Yes, it’s still gonna take Charlie and I 10 years to save a fraction of what you need and yesss, I’m still not completely convinced that getting a mortgage is something I want to prioritise (maybe a topic for another day) but I thought it was a grown up start to attempt to sort my life out and with finances hopefully looking up next year, I thought why bloody not.

Seven – Pub lunch

Very small shout out to the glass of red I had Friday lunch time. Well needed after a busy week but also hilariously came back tipsy and unable to work after ONE GLASS. Is this what I have in store for the 27th year of life?!

Eight – Having a tidy up

I had a bad couple of days in the run up to the weekend – maybe its my hormones showing me up but I was literally crying at EVERYTHING. I decided that instead of spending the day drinking on Saturday like I had planned, which likely would have ended in disaster and/or tears, I spent the day at home, Christmas music on having a huge sort out/clean at home. Tidy house, tidy mind and all that. Not everybody’s idea of a decent weekend but was exactly what I needed. 


Nine – Long chats on the phone

My Saturday was followed by a night on the sofa, X Factor on in the background, Chinese takeaway and a 3 hour phone call to my mum. Not always do-able (or desired, soz mum) but even in the moments we sat watching the TV, both silent but on the end of the phone, I felt myself feeling better. I’m cute, I know.

Ten – Sunday dinner

On Sunday I drove down to Charlie’s dads for a Sunday dinner to celebrate his birthday and was a beaut end to the week. Topped off with Shepard’s pie, Yorkshires, cake, donuts and home time for the first night of I’m a celeb. Dreamy day if you ask me.


The last couple of weeks have been a perfect example of sticking your feelings in the back of the cupboard in the hope that all the shit doesn’t fall out when its opened. I’m incredibly positive and optimistic and I’m usually pretty strong – and whilst all that still stands, I realise sometimes you need to take time to feel sorry for yourself if you need it, have a little cry and move on. Looking back I had a perfect week and if I’d stopped to think about it at the time, I think I’d have felt much better.

VERY excited for the next couple of weeks as I reunite with the girls in Nottingham, celebrate my birthday and go full on FESTIVE. Buzzing.

Catch up soon.




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28. London. Lifestyle Blogger. Addicted to coffee and cakes. Occasionally read a book or two.

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