For a Monday my mind is ALL.OVER.THE.PLACE

I’m struggling today and it’s the 3:30 slump so there aintttt no focusing on anything until I get a cuppa and a Snickers bar down me. Have I ever been this tired in my life? Probs not. During this time I thought I’d try and cast my mind back to the weekend when I did some reflecting on the good things that have happened over the last week. I’ve woken up today incredibly stressed and up tight but in the past week, I’ve felt so content with everything, so incredibly happy and at peace with how things were. I’m hoping with that I’ll get there, especially when days like today trample over everything.

Here’s to the past week anyway.

Reunited with Gabs

The Saturday before last I met up with  my best friend Gabrielle for a day in London. She has moved back up North so we’ve got a few dates in the diary to reunite which is pretty bliss. We spent the day basically eating and drinking around the London markets followed by a Wagamama which I meaaan, can a day of endless food get much better?



Early Saturday night

Following my beaut day gallivanting the back streets, I got home to Charlie and we had a super early night in to catch up on all of the Love Island we’d missed (yes, obsessed – guilty) It’s the first time at the flat that we actually spent the evening in bed with tea and biscuits rather than in our living room which was justtttt what the doctor ordered.

Getting our wallpaper up!

Sunday was spent doing DIY as our toilet was in need of some TLC and we re-papered the wallpaper. Admittedly it was the most stressful part of the flat decorating we’ve had to do so far and the 6ish hours that it took were not enjoyable. BUT it makes me incredibly happy to see that it’s coming together and as our first time ever wallpapering (and it’s a bloody difficult room to do) we kinda smashed it. Or at least, it’ll do!


Jelly and ice cream

Doesn’t need much justification but not only is making jelly the most easy and underrated dessert of all time, paired with a bit of ice cream in the evening is literally heaven. Cheap date, me.

Seeing my mum

Seen mum this week as she popped over to help us with our Internet troubles and I came home this last Sunday to see everyone. Despite talking every day, it’s a big change not being home to see her everyday so catching up this week has been pretty beaut.

Baking cookies

Jelly and ice cream and cookies in one week?! Am I or am I not a domestic queen now? Charlie and I whacked out the baking ingredients this week to rustle together some peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies and they were pretty fab, not going to lie. I’ve missed baking and not only does it help me chill the fuck out, I get to scoff down a cookie daily for the next week so win win.

Working from home

Now that I work 39495939 miles from home, I’ve started to work from home one day a week to help my sanity and petrol costs. Last Thursday was my first week from home and I won’t say too much cos it’s still work int it but it’s pretty life changing, breaks up the week and can’t go too wrong with a day in your pjs, with This Morning on in the background, doing your washing AND getting work done at the same time.

Our sofa arrived

Anyone that has spoken to me in the past two months likely knows of our sofa woes. I’ve spent the past month sat on a garden chair, awaiting our very delayed sofa delivery and finally on Saturday morning I awake to it at the door. I fully forgot what it was like to chill out on the sofa as even at home, we’ve spent a good few years without being able to completely chill in the living room and my god, it is heaven.


Faye popped over

My longest bestest friend Faye popped over to see the flat for the first time this weekend which was super lovely. Was so lovely to catch up and we even went for a mooch around TK Maxx and Asda. I then went home and had a late afternoon nap and if that aint a leisurely Saturday I don’t know what is.


Making a curry

I got the slow cooker out this weekend to make a Rogan Josh and its cooking with the slow cooker is one of my favourite things to do. Curry was beaut, evening was beaut. My leftover curry today was also beaut. Super easy recipe btw and chicken thighs in the slow cooker are to die for.



That’s kinda it for the past week. I had a really nice week and things are getting there despite my stressing today. It’s 100% important to just make time to chill, re-assess, adjust your attitude and make tomorrow a better day so I’m gonna call it a day at work and try again tomorrow! Life is good.

Catch up very soon.


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28. London. Lifestyle Blogger. Addicted to coffee and cakes. Occasionally read a book or two.

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