I cannot believe that I have already been 26 for over 3 weeks now. I had the most lovely, chilled birthday – followed by a cold and flu but I felt completely spoilt, spent the day in bed watching Mamma Mia, got festive at Winter Wonderland with Charlie eating all the sausage and churros and Baileys hot chocolate and to me, even with a cold, life couldn’t get better than that.

December has been a weird one. I haven’t exactly been busy, but like most December’s I have lost my mojo a little and too knackered to even think about putting pen to paper. I have however one day left at work this year and to get me through, I thought I’d share a lil’ list post of all the things I’d like to do in my 26th year of life (or maybe just now that I am 26 as let’s be honest, my salary won’t stretch this far). I say it every year but next year has to be spectacular. I want to do so many things for myself to make it the best year, make positive changes and get a step closer to sorting my life out – meaning I probably have to be a lot stricter than this.


I would really love a beach holiday – I want to make sure I book off a week or two to sit and sunbath, drink cocktails, play cards and attempt to get a tan. Not having one this year has been a killer and it’s first on my list to get sorted in the new year.

Be debt free – This was on my list last year and unfortunately life happens doesn’t it. I’m not debt free but I feel so close to having everything paid off. I am desperate to be 26 and have a clean slate. So basically cannot leave my house with my card in the next year… Buzzing.

Save enough to move out into our first home – Making next year a priority to move out so I have sooo much saving to do.

Lose weight –  Also on my list last year but I can’t say no to cake and biscuits 😥 This year though, if I’ll be training for a long distance walk, having something to motivate me to get off my arse might be exactly what I need.

Read more than 2 books – Maybe because I haven’t been on holiday this year but my reading level has been poooor and I really miss it. I’m going to make it my aim to dedicate time to absolute detox and get through my reading list.

Get a new job – I love what I do and I love where I do it (most days, ish) but having been here three years, I think I’m ready to move on or at least force them to give me another pay rise because I gottta make more money if want to do anything with my life next year.

Walk 15 miles – It’s on my list to do the Marsden March in March (funnily enough) which will be massive for me.

Volunteer – I’ve kept an eye out this year for decent charity opportunities and next year I would really love to sign up to some charity time working with the homeless or disadvantaged children.

Creative Writing – After going to the cinema and sobbing at A Star Is Born, I’ve really wanted to get back into creative writing so maybe I’ll spend some time next year looking at creative writing courses or pick up my piano lessons. With all that time I’ve got…

Be a bridesmaid – Not that I have anyone in the pipeline that I can be Bridesmaid for but if one of the gals could hurry up now that I’m 26 so that I can go on a hen do and wear a pretty dress for a day that would be fab.

Become an exfoliate, cleanse and tone Queen – went shopping last week (don’t start, it’s not the new year yet…) and picked up new skin care to save my sorry, drying skin. I am very excited about it.

Go to an outdoor cinema – Looks so cute and so surprised I haven’t forced this on Charlie for a date night yet.

Get a pedicure – I’ve still never had a pedicure and I really feel like I am missing out.

Re-watch One Tree Hill – I whacked out season one whilst I was ill a couple of weeks ago and I’m soo down to do a repeat and go through all nine like the old days. ❤ Lucas.

Go to Disney Land Paris – In the near future I would reallllllly like to sell my soul and spend a weekend in Disney Land. Absolutely no shame.

Go to Edinburgh – Still not over it, heart breaks every Christmas.

Go to Bruges – After stalking everyone’s Instagram this Christmas, I am dyinnnn to get to Bruges.

Finallllly get through a litre a day – Still only on one glass of water a day and I want to make it a mission to get to at least 4. My hydration is piss poor.

Prep more meals – In a bid to save some money next year, I want to master the art at prepping meals and using more leftovers to have for lunch. Spending money on lunch everyday hurts my soul.

Get a better morning routine – This has been on my list for the past 309409 years but one morning last week, I woke up at Charlie’s an hour earlier for work – had a shower, washed my hair, actually did my face and made such a difference to how I felt for the rest of the day. I gave myself 10 minutes today and I’m 100% sure I still haven’t woken up. It’s 4pm…

Get my mum on holiday – I’ve spent the year moaning that I haven’t been on a long holiday abroad this year but my mum hasn’t been for years and years. Next year, I’d like to get her away. We all need a good break and some vitamin D.

Keep a journal – I spent most of my childhood writing in diaries, I’d kind of like to keep a journal next year or spend my evening writing a few words about my day. Mainly because I want to channel my inner Bridget Jones.

Get an electric toothbrush – It’s the simple things inttt it.

See ‘Wicked’ for the 496890 time.

Go to a British festival for muddy, drunken times.

Take a road trip – Don’t get me wrong, I’ve never fully enjoyed long journeys but for some reason, envision a long trip with the girls, singing and eating (and driving…) for a weekend away. I’d looove to get up to the north and go glamping.


Not after much am I?

You’ll have to slap me if I’m sat here next year and I haven’t achieved any of this but I’m so ready for the Christmas break and buzzing to start a new year, start again and make things happen.

It’s likely from tomorrow I’ll either be asleep or too busy eating in front of the TV so if ya don’t hear from me, soz. Have the most merry Christmas and a happy new year.



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