I’ve been so poor at getting myself motivated to blog lately but as it’s Thursday and my brain can no longer function, what better time to share all of the things that have made me happy recently. Which was actually meant to be posted a good two weeks ago and rewritten twice but who’s counting?

October/November has felt like such a blur and I’m struggling to keep up with the ups and downs of feeling anxious and stressed and then some days the polar opposite. I have however spent a lot more of November trying to prioritize my time, focusing on what I’m grateful for, making plans to have something to look forward to and making sure I’m not unnecessarily negative, especially about things that are out of my control.

There’s only 1.5 days left of November and it’s madness how quick it’s all going. I am however loving the lead up to December and got my eyes on a bottle of baileys and a mince pie already.

Christmas Shopping

I’m 100% ready for December and I’m excited to spend an evening pigging out, watching cheesy family films whilst wrapping everything I have brought. It’s definitely a low key year but I still looveee wondering around the shops at lunch and window shopping the gift sections.

Journalising – Let that Shit Go

In an effort to get happier, I ordered Let That Shit Go by Monica Sweeney and some sparkly gel pens and have tried to dedicate half hour a day to jotting it all down. It’s a super cute journal, has the cutest quotes and activities and it’s just nice to try and shut down at the end of the day.


Before the Christmas madness, we decided to have a bit of a sort out at home and freshen up the painting. Definitely needed but also nice to feel like we’re making some progress.

A Star is Born soundtrack

Literally my go to after a long day of work, belting it out whilst I’m sat in traffic on the way home. For anyone that hasn’t seen A Star Is Born and fancies a good cry – go see it. And then binge listen to the soundtrack for the foreseeable future. ps. new found love for Bradley Cooper

Netflix Christmas Movies

Netflix have upped their game this year and I’m making my way through them – SO perfect for feel good, easy watching and makes home feel so cosy. Yeah.. that’s a thing. Must see watches include the Holiday Calendar and Christmas Chronicles.

Moving Desks

Probably not the highlight of the last two weeks but actually, the change of scenery at work may definitely help me feel a little less like I’ve been doing the same exact thing everyday for the past 3 years. At least, it’s helped for now. Plus, I’m now closest to the kitchen… Winning.

Getting a Baby on Sims

Don’t judge me but I’ve spent the past 2 days trying to complete the quest for a baby on Sims Mobile and finaaaallly got it and I feel so accomplished I don’t even care.

I’m a Celeb nights

My favourite nights at the moment are cosied up with Charlie, watching I’m a celeb with a cuppa tea and if that’s not middle age married status yet I don’t know what is.


I am so so excited for next month and I really hope I pull my finger out and get some content out so gimmie a nudge if you haven’t heard from me in a while. It’s been pretty bliss burning an hour of my afternoon reflecting on some beauts so I really should do it more often.

Until then, lovelove


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