Today is the first day in a really long time, I can almost hear the distant sound of my thoughts. I’ll be honest, I haven’t had any bandwidth to sit down and do something for me in what feels like a really long time. And since I don’t do much else extra-curricular (things that I should be doing) i.e. exercise or reading or learning something new, it’s a shame that I can’t find the time to do one of the only things I find refuge in – Writing shit and hoping someone might read it.

So, October came and went. I went to Budapest which after an entire month later still gives me all the feelings and in today’s return post I feel like I need to catch you up on that before I can even begin to think about anything. Baby steps.

I went to Budapest when I was interailing in 2013 and loved it. Loved it for lots of different reasons but one being that it kinda felt like home. Like, if I lived anywhere in Europe, I’d probably get on alright in Budapest and returning last month gave me the same exact feelings.

Me and Charlie hadn’t been abroad yet this year which has broken me but I’m so happy we were able to get a cheeky deal in and got so lucky with everything, including our flights and accommodation AND the sunny weather.

Getting up at 4am on the Monday and driving to Stanstead went a lot better than I’d anticipated and actually added to the excitement. Charlie is likely to disagree as he slept for 80% of the journey. Our flight was delayed by around an hour which of courseee, we were sat on the aeroplane for the duration of but luckily as we had an early flight, we arrived in Budapest around 1pm and still managed to make the most of our Monday. Best Monday ever btw.

The highlight of my trip was the night cruise with drinks which we booked through our hotel. Such a lovely night drinking prosecco and red wine whilst looking at the sights from the Danube River all lit up. The cruise was 2 hours and cost around £16 so was such good value and was nice to do something different on our first night, catch up, have a cuddle, see some cute buildings – win win. We ended the night in one of the only ways we know how – with chicken, chips and numerous cocktails in an Irish/American pub.

Day 2 we explored the city and took a paddle boat ride by the Vajdahunyad Castle. It was basically summer and I loved it. I still took the opportunity to get the local Goulash when we went for lunch which was beaut.I then spent the rest of the day basically eating – freak-shake and world’s largest cheesiest burger included.

In the evening of day 2, we explored the ruin bars which we loved wandering around but as it was a weekday, there wasn’t many night out vibes and drinks were 50x more expensive then anywhere else so of course we returned to our lovable Irish/American pub for the remainder of the night and drank many 241 pinacolada’s. Classic.

Our last day in Budapest was one of my favs we spent the morning wondering the castle and Fisherman’s Bastion, probably the prettiest building in Buda. We walked 209358 steps, ate a giant churro that Charlie had his eyes on since we arrived and took maybe too many photos of the view.

As our hotel was based in Buda, our closest spa was Rudas Baths and I had spent the past week stalking the rooftop thermal bath so we booked in there for the afternoon which was the perfect way to spend our last day. We then popped into town for some last minute street food for dinner and headed back to the hotel to catch our airport transfer.


Although only in Budapest for 2 nights, I had the most amazing break and really felt like we made the most of our trip in the time that we had. God, we needed it (next year I’ll take a week long beach break though plz) Once we had returned home at 2am and got back to work the very next day, the rest of October kinda felt like a bit of a blur in comparison. And now it’s mid-November so that’s a laugh.

I’d like to promise that I’ll be back soon with something festive because helloooo it is almost birthday/Christmas season but who knows. It’s a miracle if I don’t have a breakdown daily at the moment so I’m just taking each day as it comes. As we should.

I’ll go back to Buda in a heartbeat though.



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