Me again, classic been too busy excuse but as it’s Thursday and my brain fails to properly function from around lunchtime until the weekend, it’s primeeee time to get a cuppa and have a chat.

Probably not news to anyone but it’s October. OCTOBER. Erm, not sure how this has happened but lol, 2018 has been fun.

I’ve spent the past 4 days slightly confused about my feelings towards the impending seasonal months. I’m pretty gutted that summer is over, mostly because I haven’t had a summer holiday so kinda feel like it ended in 2.5 seconds and I still don’t have a tan (big ask anyway, let’s be honest) Everyone just seems happier in Summer don’t they? Suns out, pub days, ice creams on tap, forever BBQ food, everyone’s a bit more active so you don’t feel like a complete blob avoiding the gym, you kinda get an excuse not to work because helloooo it’s 32 degrees in the office hun.

But then, I do love this time. And maybe I get excited for it to then quickly get over it when I remember that walking home in the dark isn’t actually that fun and that the financial year at work is almost over so everyone’s suddenly all up in my business.

Massive eye roll here if you couldn’t tell ^ 

But aside from all of that, I do get a bit giddy about Autumn and I’m feeling a little guilty about it.

Everything feels just a little bit more cosy

I cracked open the Bailey’s on Monday for the first time this year and instantly felt calmer about my evening. Sitting in the dark with fairy lights, a whole cheesecake and the Jack Frost movie suddenly becomes an acceptable Friday night which makes me very happy.

Pumpkin Everything

I’m a sucker for Halloween but basic bitching in every way I know how with my love of Pumpkin and whilst we’re at it at gingerbread and Chai Latte’s to my list of basic autumn essentials.

Baggy Jumpers

Said it before and I’ll say it again, they are my life. Especially when still trying to lose the weight I gained last Autumn. Fab.

Christmassy Shops

Some people dread the first glimpses of Christmas in the shops come October but wandering the gift sections and Christmas themed groceries literally makes my life. Not that I can afford to buy anyone present’s this year. But it’s the thought that counts inttt it. I’M SO READY.

Fireworks Night

Buzzing for a cute night with the girls in our woolly’s, watching the fireworks and drinking boozy hot chocolates and stuffing our faces with fish and chips.

The ‘It’s Christmas’ Excuse

As good as the summer excuse, the month of December is basically one long excuse not to do anything you’re meant to. Plus it’s my Birthday in December which even though I’m turning 26, still makes me a little bit excited and gives me double excuse to drink mulled wine, eat what I want, sleep when I want and get drunk with my favourites.

The Weather – Sue Me

I hate rain and I only enjoy snow if I’m stuck in the house admiring it, but Autumn weather can be my favourite. Sunny but crisp, cold days are pretty beaut.

No Guilt Carbs

Don’t underestimate a decent soup with white bread and butter in the upcoming months. Literally giving me feels. Basically anything with carbs and I’m good.

TV Binges

Not that I needed an excuse back in Summer but dedicated a day to catch up on OG Kardashians or dedicate your evening to watching Strictly and I’m there. Winter TV is so good, so cosy and if you’re looking for Harry Potter binge, ITV2 is your gaaal.

Making Plans

Although the thought of only having 3 months until 2019 makes me feel ill, I do enjoy making plans for next year but also making sure you’ve squeezed in everything you wanted to do in 2018 but left until now.


I get the controversy for sure but secretly, I do think everyone looks a bit of Autumn. The only real negative is that we actually have to get out of bed.


Until next time – which could be in November let’s face it.



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Photo credit goes to  Alisa Anton for this one. 

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