23rd August 2018

Today definitely feels like a duvet day. I thought I was ready for Autumn but part of me woke up this morning to the grey and the rain struggling to find any sort of motivation to get out of bed, thinking naaaah hun, need sun in my life. And now I’m sat in the office and half the bloody agency are on holiday somewhere sunny probably drinking Malibu on the beach and everything feels equally grey and rainy and I gotta say I don’t think I’m a fan.

On the plus side, half of my clients must be on holiday because goddd is it quiet. Yesterday I must have spent over an hour looking at hotels in Budapest and no one noticed, I didn’t get one email. Bliss.

Kinda hoping all this never gets back to me because I bitch about not working a looooot.


Whilst everything is so dark and gloomy and the news that the heatwave is finally over is starting to sink in, I thought I’d brighten the mood by creating a list of everything I’ve been loving. Because there’s been a bit that I haven’t even shown you which is madness.

My New Car – After 2 years of paying out hundreds to keep my little Clio running, I thought it was about time to give in, sell the little hun and upgrade to a shiny new car. I meaaan, it costs a bomb each month but hoping I won’t have to give away my soul to fix monthly and as its new, I have 2 years to ignore MOTs which are quite possibly my most hated chore of being an adult. I went for a 17 plate Smart FourFour and I kid you not, I’m not sure I’ve ever been more in love (Soz Charlie) It’s my baby. One time I went to work and was actually sad about parking it somewhere I couldn’t see it. That’s normal though init?

Chilly Bottles – I resisted the urge to splurge on one of these for a very long time but as I went camping, I finally found reason to spend a not okay amount of money on a bottle that keeps your water as cold as it does for as long as it does. Not only has it meant I’m now drinking a bottle a day which is basically a miracle, it also means I no longer have to force myself to drink luke warm water that’s been in my bag all day. SO SO handy and honestly such a game changer. Excited for winter days keeping my coffee warm #notanAD

My Fitbit – I think I’ve had my Fitbit almost 2 months now but haven’t really had the chance to give it it’s credit. I’ve tried every fitness phase in the book and never stuck with anything long enough to make a difference. Don’t get me wrong, having a Fitbit hasn’t by some miracle made me lose 2 stone but it has definitely helped keep me active and it’s something I’ve stuck with every day. Especially by making me aware when I’ve been sat on my arse for too long. I also love tracking my sleep and comparing my activity week by week. It’s pretty fab – I already want to upgrade to a new version but sadly I’m not minted.

Watching OG Kardashian episodes – My Hayu account has made a comeback to watch the new series of KUWTK and with that, I have been binge watching the old days like no tomorrow which despite all of the screaming and arguing they do is one of my faav calming things to watch.

Jumpers are back – Forget that I was just moaning about the rain for a second and appreciate that this does mean that jumpers are everywhere again and I am ready for that. I already have sooo many on my list, Topshop have the best range I’ve seen so far this year and I really want this please.


I drafted this a little while ago but haven’t posted. Life’s been pretty tough this past week, I’ll catch you up one day. Despite feeling sad and anxious, I’ve definitely loved a lot more than the above. I’ve loved fairy lights, Disney films when having a nap, Black Mirror, deep cleaning, excel spreadsheets, long baths, flowers and attempting to read again, The Saccone Joly birth vlogs, Jason Mraz’s new album, cooking lots and eating anything banoffee. It’s definitely the small things.



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