It’s Tuesday so excuse the late catch up; yesterday was one of those manic Monday’s where I was unsure how I’d survive normal routine and get my brain working again. I struggled but just about made it. Today is day 2 of struggle, but more like a ‘I should really do this but I’ve been back a day and I’m already knackered’ kind of struggle.

I had nine blissful days off work which really got me wondering WHY DO I DO THIS EVERYDAY?! I cannnnny cope with 9-5 of the same ol’ shit for not enough money. But you know… I still came back because, life.

Myself and Charlie’s family (i.e Dad, sister’s, partner’s, babies, children) took the week off to drive up to Plymouth and go camping. Something that with the exception of glamping or the time the girls and I camped at Benicassim in Spain (which was veeeeery different), I haven’t done since I was little but definitely something that growing up, I remember doing a lot of.

The week was beaut and was just what I needed but we all know camping aintttt no rest. Waking up at 4am to walk to the toilet block to get away from the rain was a particular highlight but despite this and having a 6 year old and a 9 month old baby camped in the same tent, I did surprisingly get really good sleep and nothing beats waking up in the morning and sitting outside in your trackies and sunglasses, with your coffee waiting for the world to wake up.

Highlights of the trip? Go ornnnn then.

Seeing Stonehenge for the very first time. From the car… but still counts. Didn’t quite appreciate it the same on the way home when we got stuck in traffic.

The day in Looe – One of the best weather days was spent properly in Looe in Cornwall, wandering the gift shops, eating endless ice cream and pasties, being mugged by seagulls on the beach…

Morris Men – The entertainment at the site was a little shy but we were graced with a night of Morris Men dancing which actually turned out to be one of my favourite evenings. We also had a live singer and several evenings drinking red wine just us. Drinking red wine from a box really took me back to Reading Festival days, except instead of the half expensive red I was probably drinking Lambrini.

Breakfast at Goodbody’s – Nothing beats a fry up you don’t have to cook and the All American breakfast at Goodbody’s was faaab. Why is pancakes and bacon so good plz? Didn’t give the 3 pint milkshakes a go but definitely on the list for next time.

A day at Woodlands – One day was spent meeting up with family and hitting the adventure park which was super cute. Personal favs were the water slides and chilli and chips.

Babysitting – Not sure I’ve ever been more broody after a week cuddling Charlie’s niece, Ameilia. I want one please.

A day by the harbour – Plymouth is crazy pretty and I’ve definitely added an evening out, a gin tour and an aquarium to my bucket list for next time. We spent a few hours wandering the shops and sitting by the harbour which was lushhhh.


Having moaned all year about not going abroad, I thought that last week might be a little bitter sweet but actually, the break itself was exactly what I wanted. The weather held off for the most part, I loved lazing around and being outside, going back to the bare minimum but by the 6th night I was definitely grateful for a bath and bed the next day.

It kinda feels as if Summer is almost over and with possible plans that me and Charlie may not go abroad now this year to sort our lives out a little, I definitely need some micro plans to keep me busy. Countdown to bank holiday plzzzzz.



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