I had left over curry today so no spend on lunch which is always a winner.

As it’s 31 degree heat in London I did then sit in the pub between the hours of 1 and 3 and brought a rhubarb g&t which cost around about £6.

Then everyone at the table opted to order onion rings and chips so obviously I had to order a chocolate tart, iced coconut milk and berries for a further £6. Standard.

After work I popped to Tesco to get some picnic bits as I’m off to Kew Gardens tomorrow with Gabs, I also got bits for dinner and a new car air freshener totalling £26.90.


Today me and Gabs had a cute day out exploring Mayfield lavender fields and Kew Gardens.

Parking at the lavender fields was a fiver which me and Gabs split costing me £2.50.

Within 15 minutes of being in the heat we opted for a Diet Pepsi and a solero which came to £3.20. It would have been heaven without the wasp invasion.

Another parking ticket needed for the train station which cost £6.35 to park for the day.

To save our pennies, we booked our tickets to Kew Gardens online which were £16 saving us £1.50. Buzzing.

The biggest heartbreak of the day was spending £2.95 on a luke warm can of orange and lemon sparkling water but was desperate measures as pretty sure my mouth had dried so much I couldn’t talk by this point.

On the way home I then paid £2.50 for a mango and passionfruit juice at the train station – equally heartbreaking but was amazingly cold so no regrets.

Trains for the day cost me £5.40.

Today has been super beaut, super sweaty and I achieved 19,000 steps which is basically my record. Appetite was low but spent most of my salary on drinks and tickets. Faaaab.


Today was a minimum spend kind of day which was a relief. Had a BBQ at Charlie’s so went to Tesco to pick up a few bottles of coke and assorted ice lollies for £9.74. Why is the Mars ice cream so good plz?


Spent £28 in M&S on a pair of cropped jeans and a few lunch bits for the week.

Got over my Monday blues by buying some low calorie ice cream after work and some frozen smoothie mixes from Asda. Also got a mini sewing kit as I’m pretty rock n roll. These gems came to £6.25.

In the evening my sister wanted me to order her a dress from Asos so obvioooously I spent £30 on joggers for myself. I have a problem.

Not the cheapest of Monday’s but very much needed.


Spend free day thankfulllly after an expensive start to the week.


Went to T K Max at lunch and brought a vanity mirror for camping next week. Cost me £9.99.

Had to pay £15 on petrol after work cos erm, adult life.

Me and Faye met up for a quick dinner at our usual, Zizzi. I have 241 like a classy gaaal meaning I only spent £8.35 for a king prawn linguine and a drink. Heaven.

After dinner I met Charlie and his friend for drinks at the pub and brought a round of 2 beers and a G&T that came to £13.

Excited about my current bank balance. Naaaht.


Didn’t go out for lunch today as I worked through it and the heavens opened up and rained all day. Where has the heatwave gone hun?! Plus side – I didn’t leave the office to spend any money. Buzzing.


I returned my cropped jeans I brought earlier in the week as I decided I was definitely never going to wear them. Gained £19.50

For lunch, I brought one of those healthy chicken and veg noodles from M&S for £3.50.

We had my brother, girlfriend and baby nephew over for dinner tonight and as my holiday begins, I ordered a dirty but so good KFC setting me back £32. Eeek.


The week is over and it’s safe to say my money goes on food, drinks and this week, ice lollies. HOW is that even justifiable?! Being an adult makes me sad.

Loved logging this so hope you enjoyed! I’m off camping this week in Plymouth and of courseeee my diet and bank balance is going to shit so oh wellllllll, I’ll try again next month. It’ll be worth it.



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photo credit by Irna Ogarkova

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